The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 51-0508 Faith Is The Substance will be available until Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1) When Jesus died, He saved everybody.
2) No matter how much that you pray, you'll never be forgiven until you _____ you're forgiven, then you _____ that you are, then _____ like you are.
Confess, believe, live
Believe, confess, live
Think, believe, live
Feel, believe, pray
3) "Satan can copy any kind of a gift, any kind of a manifestation, but he can't _____."
Speak with tongues
4) Where did Brother Branham read just a little Scripture before he expressed his thought?
Joel 2:28
Acts 2:38
Hebrews 13:8
Hebrews 11:1
5) Now, faith is the _______ of things hoped for; the _______ of things not seen.
Evidence, substance
Circumstance, evidence
Substance, evidence
Visual, substance
6) Seeing is believing.
7) Who did Brother Branham use to make an example of seeing and believing?
Brother Jones
Brother Sothman
Brother Joseph Boze
Reverend Kopp
8) Man was given five senses to contact God.
9) Jesus questioned, "Will I find _____ when I come back?"
10) About _______ percent of the people that come to the platform has hope instead of faith.
11) The serpent spoke of _____, and brass spoke of_____.
Sin, forgiveness
Sin, judgment
Satan, hell
Judgment, hell
12) A portion of the Deity of God dwells in the heart of every borned again Christian.
13) What did Christ do unto the eleven with their unbelief and their hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen Him after He was risen?
Encouraged them
Departed from them without saying a word
Told them it was okay to disbelieve
Upbraided them
14) And I'd rather any man would _____ me a sermon than _____ me one.
Live, preach
Preach, live
Teach, preach
Speak, scream
15) Which one is NOT an example used by Brother Branham when he spoke of God using remedies?
Isaiah using poultice to heal Hezekiah of his boils
Elisha and the meal offering
Things dipped in water
Jesus putting mud on a man's eyes
16) What did Brother Branham say was the sole purpose for his ministry?
To pray for the sick
To see God's Church welded together
To show signs and wonders before the people
To separate the Church from denominations
17) During the prayer line, what did Brother Branham say to do if you can't get enough faith up for your healing?
Come try it, confess it anyhow, and hold with it till it does come to pass
Not to come through the line until you fully believe
To remain in your seats and stay in prayer
To leave the building
18) Why does Brother Branham call his son, Billy, by the name of Paul?
Paul is his nickname
He preferred to be called Paul
Brother Branham's name is Billy too
Paul is his first name
19) Brother Branham was going to try to pray for _______.
Only those with prayer cards
Prayer cards 50 to 100
Only the very sick people
20) Who did Brother Branham call upon first before praying for the sick?
A lady on a cot
A lady with a pink dress on
A young man with cancer
A man that was trying to quit smoking