The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-0731 Show Us The Father And It Will Satisfy Us will be available until Friday, March 31, 2017

1) Where does Brother Branham read in the Scripture?
I John 5:1-7
Saint Mark 16:10-16
Saint John 14:7-12
I Peter 5:7-17
2) In the Scripture reading, who asked the Lord, “shew us the Father?”
3) How many different ways does Brother Branham say he is going to speak of seeing God?
4) “The whole Christian armor is _______: Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience.”
5) "Everything works _______ to God, all of God’s creation, but man. So man is His son, that feels that he knows just a little bit more than Father does. So we try to figure it all out, instead of just believing what He said about it."
In harmony
6) “That’s how you’ll work for God, when God can use your hands, use your feet, use your lips, use your tongue, use your ears, use your eyes. God, _______, sees God on the ______.”
On the outside / Inside
Inside you / Inside
In the valley / Mountain
In you / Outside
7) Where was Brother Branham a licensed guide?
New Hampshire
8) Why was the eagle not scared of Brother Branham?
He knew Brother Branham was distracted by the squirrel
He had the God-given gift of two wings
The eagle was more worried about the storm
He knew the Lord was with Brother Branham
9) Who knows more about the weather?
A hog
The radio man
The pope
An astrologist
10) What made the infidel in Colorado fall on his face and say, “I’m wrong. God be merciful to me a sinner?”
His mother was healed of an incurable cancer
He heard Brother Branham speak “That Day On Calvary”
He opened up his Bible and read the Book of Genesis
He saw God in His universe
11) “You can take a man that looks like a Christian, acts like a Christian, but if that man hasn’t got the Word of God in him, if there isn’t a germ of life in there to germitize that, he will never _______."
Amount to much anything
Prosper in the world
Rise in the resurrection
Have faith for healing
12) Don’t you never let anybody tell you they haven't got power to heal. They have.
13) Where in the Bible did Paul say, “Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?”
I Timothy 6
Acts 19
Philippians 1
Galatians 5
14) If there’s no judgment without _______, then it’s not judgment yet.
A judge
15) God takes His _____, but never His _____.
Spirit / Man
Message / Gifts
Man/ Spirit
Gifts / Message
16) Who did Brother Branham say his biggest enemy was?
Dr. Best
The denominations
17) Brother Branham said, “And the Word of God will defeat Satan _______ on _______ under _______: God’s holy Word.”
Anywhere / Any grounds / Any conditions
Most Places / Any Sunday / The church authority
Any Place / Many doctrines / Nearly all circumstances
Every time / Church grounds / Church conditions
18) How many straight watches did Brother Branham say stopped and come apart after he put his hand on a person to pray for them?
19) Brother Branham said, “Now, most time, you people that's crippled and so forth, you'd think, “I'm just a past hope.” What did he tell them after that?
You must have those thoughts
Get that out of your mind
That is a lie of the devil
You are Scripturally right
20) What part on Brother Branham’s body did he use to show whether someone had a germ disease and if it left the person?
His thumb
His forearm
His head
His hand