56-0902 The Handwriting On The Wall

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, September 30, 2018

Where did Brother Branham say he had just returned from, where they had a wonderful meeting and many people were saved?
Chicago, Illinois
Shreveport, Louisiana
Los Angeles, California
Saskatchewan, Canada
The basis of Divine healing is on the same level as on salvation.
What Scripture verse does Brother Branham read for a text?
Daniel 3:7
Daniel 5:22
Matthew 8:4
Daniel 22:5
“All the old things, of the ___________, was only a shadow of the new things to come. Those things happened back there, to give us the—the foreknowledge of what we might expect in this day, if we serve the Lord, and what we might expect if we do not serve the Lord.”
Ancient times
Old Testament
Former days
Days of Noah
What was the date when the six-point star of David, the oldest flag that’s ever flown on the earth, rose to the flag pole again, recognizing the Jews as a nation?
April 7, 1946
May 17, 1947
April 17, 1947
May 7, 1947
When you can quote God’s Word, “I’ll never leave thee, nor forsake thee,” what did Brother Branham say that does for you?
Gives you courage
Takes all the oppression away
Makes the demons scatter
Silences the unbelievers
Brother Branham said he would exchange every gift in the Bible for this.
All the riches of the world
The biggest lie that was ever told had truth in it.
Who was it that got exalted in his heart, and God had to make him eat grass like an ox, and his hair grew like eagle feathers, and his fingernails like claws of a bird?
The prophet Daniel
King Nebuchadnezzar
Who did King Nebuchadnezzar make an image of and force every person in his kingdom to worship this image?
If you lie, or steal, or anything else, there's no way God will catch you.
What did Brother Branham hang in his car so that he could see something better than all the vulgarity out there in the world?
A Bible
A cross
A prayer cloth
A picture of his family
What does the phrase “MENE, MEME, TEKEL, UPHARSIN” mean?
Thou art weighed in the balance, and found wanting
Your judgment is at hand, repent quickly or perish
Behold, the hand of God is upon you
Hear the Voice of God, your day of destruction has come
What kind of a log did Mr. Coats see Brother Branham’s daddy load?
A 900 pound cedar log
A 1000 pound oak log
A 500 pound maple log
A 950 pound ash log
“We have no continuing city here. Everything mortal gives way; I don’t care how strong you are, how healthy you are. Your __________ lays in the hand of Almighty God. He might take it in the next second. That’s right.”
“I believe that we’re at the end of the road. These signs always come at the __________ time. Remember, just before the antediluvian destruction, God raised up a prophet. God sent Angels to the earth, great signs and wonders took place. And the rain come, and the world was destroyed. “
During the altar call, Brother Branham quoted the Lord saying, "My Spirit will not always _______ with man."
What song was Brother Branham singing when he made the statement in question 17?
There is a Fountain Filled With Blood
I Love Him
What Then?
Jesus Breaks Every Fetter
What is God’s altar?
The church
Your thoughts
Your heart
Your actions
How old did Brother Branham say he was when he made the statement, "I have prayed tens of thousands of times for people. I have never, in one time, in all my life, ever got sincere and asked God for anything, but what He answered me, or told me why."?