The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 61-1231E If God Be With Us, Then Where Is All The Miracles? will be available until Sunday, January 22, 2012

1) What below describes Rabbi Lawson?
He was a little, bitty fellow
He wore a little, flat, black hat
He wore great big tortoise-shell glasses
All of the above
2) Brother Branham thought it would be a good idea for everyone in the church to make a New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year.
3) Instead of all the commotion of blowing whistles, and hollering, and carrying on, and drinking, and the New Year's carousing, what did Brother Branham say they were going to do at midnight that they had never done before?
They were going to go to the altar and take communion
They decided to have an all night service until sunrise the next morning
They thought it would be nice to have a prayer line to start out the new year
They were going to have a baptismal service at the stroke of midnight
4) What was one of Brother Branham’s desires and a longing in his heart that he wanted to see?
To see a Church that's so filled with God until sin can't abide in it anywhere
To have a new church built in the upcoming year
To start churches all over the country
To move the Branham Tabernacle out to Arizona
5) Where did Brother Branham read in the Bible for his text?
St. John 3, verse 7
Judges the 6th chapter, the 7th verse
Matthew chapter 17, verse 1
The 9th chapter of Isaiah, the 6th verse
6) You've got to know something about what you are having faith in, before you can have faith in it.
7) From verses _____ of the Scripture reading, we see the people falling away. And from verses _____, we see the prophet coming and giving the people the remedy.
7 to 10, 1 to 7
1 to 5, 7 to 13
1 to 7, 7 to 10
7 to 13, 1 to 5
8) What happened immediately after the prophet’s message?
The Midianites and the Amorites came into the land to devour it
The Lord appeared on the scene
Gideon picked his army and prepared for battle
Gideon destroyed the altar of Baal
9) What is a good way to trust whether a messenger's right or not?
A true messenger has a form of godliness, and will deny the power to do miracles
If he's a messenger from God, he'll not only speak of it, but he'll have it to produce
A true messenger will be wearing a robe and crown
A true messenger will speak in unknown tongues
10) What in the Scripture reading tells us the man that appeared to Gideon under the tree looked like an old man?
He had a staff in his hand
He was stooped in his shoulders
He had a long, grey beard
Gideon called him a man well-stricken in years
11) What did Gideon go and get when he left the angel?
An offering
All of the villagers
His father
His sword
12) What did the Angel do to prove to Gideon what He was, that He is the same God?
He told him the secrets of his heart
He turned his staff into a serpent
He ate the food that Gideon prepared
He touched the sacrifice with His staff and it was consumed
13) Which of the following did Brother Branham refer to as clouds that take us away from the Word and can keep the Son from shining on us?
Doubt, greed, temper, selfishness, denominations
People, friends, family, work
Joy, peace, long suffering, temperance
Healings, prayer, worship, church
14) What did Gideon and the people have to do before they could see the miracles of God?
They had to believe and obey the prophet's Word
They had to drive out all the enemy from their land
They had to meet with the Angel of the Lord
They had to make sacrifices to the Lord
15) What was the first command God gave Moses?
To go down to Egypt and take over
To place his hand into his bosom
To throw his stick on the ground
To turn the waters into blood
16) "But before the walls fell, Joshua marched according to the Chief Captain's orders: around the wall _______ times before the power of God ever struck the thing."
17) Which of the following prophets spoke of the Messiah coming and taking away the daily sacrifice?
18) Which of the following are NOT some of the examples Brother Branham gave of those that acted on the Word of God and saw a miracle?
David, Paul and Samson
Noah, Gideon and Joshua
Moses, Daniel and the Hebrew children
Jonah, John the Baptist and Peter
19) Who had been crying for six months, plumb up in the Aenon, up-and-down the Jordan, wading the mud, fussing with preachers, kicking their denominations around, stepping on their sore toes.
Paul of Tarsus
John the Baptist
20) Jesus wanted her to know Who He was, because she had to introduce Him to the Samaritans.
The women at the well