52-0720A Life Story

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where does Brother Branham read in the Scripture?
Daniel 12:1-14
Hebrews 13:10-14
Luke 4:14-20
Roman 11:29-32
Brother Branham's daddy worked so hard till his shirt would stick to his back from sunburn. How much money did he make a day to take care of Brother Branham?
0.75 cents
0.50 cents
When Brother Branham was a boy, he got paid _____ for working hard all week. Then he would go to town and buy himself a _____ worth of red hots and a _____ ice cream cone.
A nickel, penny, penny
Fifty cent, nickel, penny
A dime, pennies, penny
A quarter, nickel, penny
As a boy, what day of the week was a pretty good day for Brother Branham because he was a business man?
Brother Branham went to school one complete year without _______.
A pair of shoes on his feet
A shirt on
Pencil or paper
What friend did Brother Branham want a boy scout suite from, and how much of the suit did he end up with?
Lloyd, one legging
Leroy, two leggings
Floyd, a sleeve
Roy, the jacket
Which of his brothers did Brother Branham take popcorn from?
How old was Brother Branham when the Angel told him never to drink, or to smoke, or to defile his body?
Five years old
Thirteen years old
About twelve years old
About seven years
Which of the following did Brother Branham's family do on Saturday?
Go to the store in a wagon
Take a bath in an old cedar tub
Take castor oil
All of the above
When Brother Branham was at the Brumbach's, what time did he have to go home?
Nine o'clock
10:30 pm
Eight o'clock
9:30 pm
Who said, "Happiness does not consist of how much the world's goods you own, but how contented you are with the portion that's allotted to you?"
Mrs. Brumbach
Brother Baxter
Mr. Brumbach
Brother Branham's mother
Where did Brother Branham and Sister Hope get married?
Louisville, Kentucky
Charlestown, Indiana
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Brother Branham painted their breakfast set _____ with a great big _____ shamrock on each one.
White, green
Yellow, green
White, yellow
Green, white
Where was Brother Branham passing through when he came upon a Pentecostal convention?
What kind of tree did Brother Branham lay under the night he stayed over for the Pentecostal convention?
An apple tree
He laid in a field, not under a tree
A cherry tree
A peach tree
Which of the following are some of the places Brother Branham was asked to visit after he had preached at the convention?
Colorado, New Mexico, and Tennessee
New York, Maine, and California
Texas, Florida, and Michigan
Kansas, Arizona, and Virginia
Who didn't want Brother Branham to follow after the Pentecostal people?
Charlie Brumbach
His wife, Hope
John Ryan
Mrs. Brumbach
What was Brother Branham doing just before his boat was swept out into the Ohio River?
Rescuing a mother and her children
Trying to cross over the river to see his wife and babies
Working for the power company
Which of the following was NOT one of the things that Sister Hope spoke to Brother Branham about when she was passing away?
Brother Branham buying the wrong stockings
Money for a rifle
She wanted him not to live single
Sharon Rose passing away
What was Brother Branham speaking of when he said, "I never seen one yet but what God healed"?
A cross-eyed child
A water head baby
A child suffering with polio
A child with cancer