The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 63-0118 Spirit Of Truth will be available until Wednesday, January 31, 2018

1) What church was Brother Branham talking about at the beginning of the message when he said, “And I’m with great anticipation, and my family, to get in there and hear some of that good singing.”
Brother Fuller’s church
Brother Outlaw’s church
Brother Groomer’s church
Brother Jack Moore’s church
2) “Howbeit when he, the _______ of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall _______, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.”
Word / Receive
Author / Recognize
Spirit / Hear
Originator / Perceive
3) “God in sundry times and divers manners spake to the fathers through the_______, but in this last day by His Son, Christ Jesus.”
4) The Holy Ghost is actually your mental mind.
5) "It may be my going-home time. It looks very much that way. If it is, there will rise somebody after me, that’ll take the Message on. He’ll be an _______ person, but he’ll rise after this and take the Message on. And you _______ to it. As long as it’s Scripture, stay with it."
Influential / Flock
Odd / Listen
Popular / Hold
Ordinary / Run
6) Brother Branham said, “God can do more with a man in His will, in _______, than He could with a man out of His will, in _______.”
One day / One year
Five years / Twenty-five years
Twenty-four hours / Twenty-four years
One hour / Fifty years
7) How did Brother Branham say the Holy Ghost interprets the Word?
By preaching It
By writing It
By vindicating It
By keeping It a secret
8) You can't just believe God, you've got to be able to explain God.
9) Are there horses in Heaven?
10) When Brother Branham was fishing in a boat, Something struck him and he said, “You know, there is going to be a resurrection of some life, like a little animal.” What animal was it?
A kitten
A dog
An opossum
A bluegill
11) Brother Branham said this just goes to show that God is interested in everything. "He’s interested in you. He’s interested in me. And He’s interested to see His Word made _______, and He’s depending on us to do it, for we are His _______. Nothing in ourselves. It’s Him; yielding ourselves and walking with Him."
Popular / Representatives
Powerful / Performers
Manifest / Agents
Instrumental / Instruments
12) No matter how good it looks, if God isn’t in it, stay away from it.
13) Who was the missionary to the Cree Indians that Brother Branham speaks about?
Brother Fred
Brother Eddie
Brother Charles
Brother Bud
14) When Brother Branham had a vision about Bud's brother having fits, he told Bud, "Now, when this boy has this fit, you jerk the _______ off of his back and throw it into the _______, and say, ‘This I do in the Name of Jesus Christ, according to His Word.’ He’ll never have another one, as long as he’ll believe it.”
Coat / Trash can
Shirt / Fire
Scarf / Washer
Hair / Floor
15) What place was Brother Branham talking about when he said, "That’s where God can take His rest, up there, from all of our troubles and trials that we put Him into. So I like to go up there and talk to Him when He’s resting, you see..."
Nestled in the wilderness of the Rockies
Out in the desert where the lobo cries
Down in the hollers where the rivers run clean
Up above the timberline in the Mountains
16) What was odd about the forty-two inch caribou that Brother Branham shot?
It had big spikes instead of panels
It had 2 toes on its back hooves instead of 4
It was a female with larger antlers than the males
It had already lost its winter fur coat
17) As Brother Branham got closer and closer to the silver-tip grizzly that he was hunting, what did he see that the bear was eating?
An old, dead carcass
Honey from a beehive
18) What year did Brother Branham's mother become his father's bride?
19) Where in the Bible does it say “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also?”
Romans 10:2
Revelations 3:5
St. John 14:12
St. Matthew 11:29
20) "He had It without measure. “In Him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” In me is just a little gift, and in you is a gift, of Him. But, no matter how little it is, it’s the same _______."