56-0200 Contending For The Faith

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, February 28, 2021

Where did Brother Branham say was one of his first healing services he ever had?
Chicago, Illinois
Tucson, Arizona
Georgetown, Indiana
Los Angeles, California
God doesn’t give man power to heal.
“There isn’t nothing but what there’s a reason for, and there’s a cause. And you can’t find a _______ until you find a _______.”
Medicine / Sickness
Solution / Problem
Christian / Sinner
Cure / Cause
Even if your confession does not hold good, your salvation is still perfect.
What is the only place, in the sacred Writings, that’s ever told us to “contend”?
The Book of Revelation
Saint Jude
Where did Brother Branham have the largest crowd that he ever preached to at one time in his life?
Durban, South Africa
Bombay, India
London, England
Karlsruhe, Germany
Who went down from Jerusalem, to India, and established the original church there?
Saint Paul
Saint Thomas
"You’ll never know Christ by________. You’ve got to know Christ by a________, to be born again of His Spirit, that comes down and changes your life and makes you a new creature in Christ Jesus."
Training / Inspiration
Knowledge / Gift
Education / Personal experience
Faith / Creeds
What does it mean to be born?
To be "delivered from"
To have "new life"
To have a "new personality"
To be "resurrected"
"It isn’t whether our creeds work. They’ll work all right in moral life. But to _______ the Lord Jesus and His promise, is to know Him, not your creed."
Who came between the law and Christ in the New Testament, which was a gap, or the keystone that locked the two dispensations together?
The apostle Paul
John the Baptist
John the revelator
How many miracles did John the Baptist do when he preached in the wilderness of Judaea?
He did countless miracles
He did at least three miracles
He only performed one miracle
He never done one miracle
What is the best answer that any person could give at any time, before criticizing anything?
Come and see it, first
Look at it, yourself
Live in the light of the Bible, and see if it’s right
All of the above
What Scripture in the Bible was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “God Himself, speaking to the writer, said, “If anyone shall add one word to this Book, or take one word out of It, God will take his name from the Book of Life. And he’ll be destroyed.” So we must stay exactly with what the Scriptures has got to say."?
Revelation chapter 22
Revelation chapter 19
Revelation chapter 3
Revelation chapter 10
When Brother Branham was praying for a sister in the prayer line, he said: “her _______ in what is being done, will determine her_______.”
Hope / Destination
Faith / Healing
Understanding / Faith
Attitude / Reward
Where did Brother Branham say they had taken a picture of the Pillar of Fire, three different times, a few weeks before this service?
Brother Branham said, “...If Jesus stood here and He was wearing this suit that He gave me, the only thing He could do, as far…if you’re sick and need healing, He would tell you, “_______. Would you believe it now?”
I did that at Calvary, child
Ask, and you will receive it
Have faith in God
Do not fear, only just trust in Me
In the prayer line was a sister who had a hunger in her heart for a long time. What was that hunger for?
Her complete healing
A baby
A closer life with God
Her husband's conversion
"Remember, you’ll never, probably, till you get to Heaven, be any more _______ than you are right here, watching Him moving with the people."
In His Presence
Convinced of the Gospel
Filled with His Spirit
Forgiven of your sins
What did Brother Branham ask the congregation to do when he was going to pray at the end of the service?
Lay hands over on each other
Sing the song, "Till We Meet Again"
Quietly hum the song, "I Love Him"
Shake hands with one another