The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 55-0626E I Will Restore will be available until Monday, February 21, 2011

1) In which of the following books do you find the last words that came from Jesus' lips before He was received up in glory?
Matthew 28
Mark 16
Luke 24
John 21
2) Where does Brother Branham have his interpreter read from the Bible?
Joel 1:1-5
Joel 1:11-12
Joel 2:25
All of the above
3) What does God liken His heritage to?
An olive tree
A pyramid
A grape vine
A fig tree
4) The word Genesis means _______.
To manifest
5) Just as Cain killed Abel at the altar, so did _____ kill Jesus at the altar.
The Jews
Pontius Pilate
6) Cain was a very religious man, and worshipped God.
7) Instead of building his own altar, Abel worshipped at the altar that Cain built.
8) How did Abel know to offer a lamb to God?
Abel had seen that Cain's offering was rejected
It was revealed to him by God
Adam revealed it to him
That's all he had was a lamb, because he was a shepherd
9) What two spirits does Brother Branham show rising in Genesis that goes all the way through the Bible.
The spirits of Adam and Eve
The Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil
The spirit of Cain and the spirit of Abel
The spirit of Judas and the Spirit of Jesus
10) Esau was more of a religious man that Jacob was.
11) Who did Moab call to curse Israel?
12) The ram that Moab offered spoke of _____.
13) Moab's group had the Word; but Israel had the Word and _____.
A prophet
A sacrifice
Their priests
An Angel
14) Brother Branham said Paul had a vision of the last days. Which of these Scriptures does he refer to?
Second Timothy the 3rd chapter
Romans the 9th chapter and 11th verse
I Corinthians 9:9
I Thessalonians chapter 4
15) When Brother Branham was chasing a bear, he got off his horse and came into what kind of place?
A bubbling spring
A place where the fire had burnt down a great thicket
A large open meadow where deer were bedding down
A cave on the mountain side
16) What did God tell Brother Branham about this place?
That the bubbling spring was happy
That the trees represent the churches of this day
That two deer were coming into the meadow for him to shoot
That the running bear represented those running from the Lord
17) What was the wind that blew on the trees?
The doctrine of denominations
Satan blowing doubt on the churches
Judgment swooping down to earth
The Holy Spirit that come on Pentecost like a rushing mighty wind
18) What happened to the little trees every time the wind blew?
Their roots go deeper
Some of their branches broke off
They made a mournful noise
They grew taller
19) Satan quotes the Scripture.
20) Speaking of his trip to Switzerland, Brother Branham said, "Now, this trip over here, I've tried to put the _____ out. When I come back again, it'll be more on _______."
Doctrine, Bible teachings
Word, healing
Judgment, repentance
Visions, dreams