60-0522M Adoption #3

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, June 5, 2015

When Brother Branham said, "He's the best squirrel hunter in Kentucky when I'm in Indiana," who was he referring to?
Brother Charlie Cox
Brother Banks Wood
Brother Orman Neville
Brother Welch Evans
Where was Paul when he saw things that were not expedient for him to speak of?
In Damascus
Caught up into the third heaven
On the Isle of Patmos
In prison
The purpose of studying this Book of Ephesians, is to _______.
Identify where the problems were with the church of Ephesus
Address evangelistic teachings
Positionally place the church where it absolutely stands in Christ
Teach the church of the Living God how to stand as the church of Ephesus stood
God wants us _______.
Peculiar, set aside
Living lives above reproach
Behaving ourselves just like He would
All of the above
When you are born of the Spirit of God, you've got Eternal Life and can no more die than God can die.
Brother Branham said, "Everytime you do anything ______, you are going to get _______ for it. Yes, sir, you'll reap what you sow!"
Right / Rewarded
Wonderful / Praised
Wrong / Paid
Illegal / Imprisoned
God is _______ because He's _______.
Omniscient / Omnipresent
Omnipresent / A Being
Omnipresent / Omniscient
Infinite / Omnipresent
"If you take this you live, if you take that you die."
Free moral agency
What was God's purpose in the beginning?
To make a perfect world without anything to serve Him
To create and defeat Satan
To make creatures that would love Him and worship Him
To force man to follow Him
A sinner doesn't sin, because he's just a sinner to begin with.
What is Pentecost?
An experience
An organization
Speaking in tongues
Old time religion
One of the sweetest words Brother Branham said he ever heard.
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do"
"Father, I sanctify Myself for their sake"
"Come unto me and I will give you rest"
"Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."
"Don't use your liberty for a _______," said Paul, "but _______ yourself!"
Shield / Freely give
Weapon / Surrender
Cloak / Sanctify
Girdle / Loose
"I profited in the Jewish religion above many my equal in my own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the tradition of their fathers."
Simon Peter
How many years was it before Paul went up to Jerusalem and abode with Peter for _______ days?
Three years / Fifteen days
Three years / Five days
Fifteen years / Three days
One year / Eight days
Jesus left you an inheritance, God brought you to your inheritance.
Brother Branham said, "Show me one _______, or any of them on the grounds today, having great healing campaigns with signs and wonders done. Show me one. You've settled down with Egypt, went back to the garlic pots. You stopped at Kadesh-barnea."
Nazarene or Pilgrim Holiness
Any man that knows the Bible is a typologist.
The very word "catholic" means _____.
At the end of the message, Brother Branham told the story of old Peter in prison, going to be executed, talking to a little boy that was all nervous. What happened to that boy after Peter told him his story?
He accepted God too, and was no longer afraid to die
He was more afraid to die than he was before
He called Peter a crazy man for not going free
He refused to believe Peter's story about Jesus, and died a sinner