The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0427 A Trial will be available until Sunday, May 4, 2014

1) Brother Branham reads at the beginning of his message from the most disputed spot in the Scripture. Where is this found?
Malachi 4:5-6
Genesis 3:6
Matthew 28:19
Mark 16:9
2) Why did Jesus upbraid His disciples when He appeared to them after He had risen?
Because they did not think it was Him when He appeared to them as they sat at meat
Because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen
Because they were not following His commandments as He had taught them
Because they were baptizing the wrong way and teaching wrong doctrines
3) Men, the church, is always praising God for what He _____, and always saying what He's going to ____, and ridiculing what He's _____.
Do, done, doing
Done, do, doing
Done, doing, do
Doing, done, do
4) In the court trial that Brother Branham brings before the congregation, who is the moderator?
You the listener
Brother Branham
5) Which of the following is the case?
Brother Branham versus the denominations
The Word of God versus believers
The world versus the Church
The Word of God versus the world
6) Which of the following is the defense witness?
Mr. Unbeliever
Mr. Skeptic
The Holy Spirit
7) Mr. Skeptic says that Mark 16 is not true, and neither is ________.
James 5:14
Luke 17:30
Acts 2:28
Matthew 28:19
8) Which one of the prosecuting attorney's witnesses testified against Mark 11:22-23?
Mr. Skeptic
Mr. Unbeliever
Mr. Reason
Mr. Impatience
9) What does the defense Witness want to call to your attention about the prosecutor?
That he is interpreting the Word exactly right
That he misinterpreted the entire Word
That he is not interpreting the Word right to you
That he is friends with Mr. Unbeliever, Mr. Skeptic, and Mr. Impatient
10) If there's anybody should know whether these fellows are believers or not, it should be the defense Witness, because He's the _______ of the Word.
11) The defense Witness wants to call to your attention that the Word that's in question here, that we have just read, has set a certain time for deliverance.
12) God takes His man, but never His _____. And the Devil takes his man, but never the _____.
Soul, soul
Soul, spirit
Spirit, spirit
Spirit, demons
13) When did Noah go into the ark and the door closed behind him?
May 10th
April 7th
June 12th
October 5th
14) When Sarah was sixty-five, how old was Abraham?
15) How did Pharaoh try to smear Moses' God-given gift?
By bringing up Moses' past
He tried to make it a cheap magic trick
He denied that Moses performed any miracles
He didn’t, he said it was of the Lord
16) Where was Brother Branham dedicated as a baby?
The Blue Ridge Catholic Church
A small home church just inside Burkesville
A little Baptist church called Opossum Kingdom
The local Turtle Creek Pentecostal Church
17) What month of the year did Brother Branham see the whirlwind in the tree?
18) What was the last sign Abraham received before the Gentile world was destroyed?
Sodom being burning
Lot's wife turning to a pillar of salt
God Himself in the form of a human Being
All of the above
19) Which Scripture from the Old Testament did Brother Branham reference when he said that Jehovah Himself called prophets "son of man?"
Isaiah 6:1
Malachi 4:5
Genesis 24:2
Ezekiel 2:1
20) The Syrophenician woman had no claims on Jesus as Son of _____. But when she said "Lord," which is Son of ______, she got what she asked for.
David, God
God, David
Man, David
David, Man