65-0718M Trying To Do God A Service Without Being The Will Of God

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, August 7, 2010

What city was Brother Branham speaking of when he said "the city that calls yourself by the name of the angels?"
Los Angeles
Where does Brother Branham read from the Scripture for his text?
I Chronicles 13
Luke 7:7
Mark 7:7
Deuteronomy 4
David's revelation to bring the ark to the city of David came by the prophet of that day.
Micaiah was the son of _______.
Why did Ahab want to go up against the Philistines in battle?
He was in a religious war with the Philistines
The Philistines were living off the land that God gave Israel
The Philistines were in battle with Jehoshaphat
The Lord spoke to Ahab in a dream telling him to go up and fight
When Jehoshaphat heard that Ahab wanted to go up against the Philistines, what did Jehoshaphat want to do first?
Count their troops
Make an offering to the Lord
Consult the Lord
Send out scouts to see how large the Philistine army was
Ahab’s 400 Hebrew prophets weren’t really prophets.
Who did David NOT consult about bringing the ark to his house?
Nathan the prophet
The priest
His captains of thousands
The scribes
When David and the people were bringing the ark to the city, what did they pack it on?
The shoulders of the Levites
A new cart
David's chariot
God doesn't have little children and big children.
Which Scripture speaks of the Levites carrying the ark on their shoulders?
Leviticus 17:5
Numbers 12:7
Exodus 5:17
I Chronicles 15:15
Which of the following are the five musts that Brother Branham said are needed in order to do God a service correctly?
(1) The Word must first come to the people (2) the season must be right (3) It must be vindicated (4) It must be received (5) and God must be worshiped
(1) You must catch the revelation (2) find the will of God (3) do the will of God (4) then God must vindicate It (5) then praise God
(1) The Word must come to God's chosen (2) It must come in the season (3) It's vindicated (4) It's passed on to the church (5) then a denomination is formed
(1) It must be in God's time and season (2) according to His Word that's been spoken (3) by the person God chose (4) the Word must come first to His prophets (5) the prophet must be vindicated
Which Scripture says that the Lord God will do nothing until first He reveals It to His servant the prophet?
Amos 3:7
Mark 7:7
Revelation 10:7
Romans 5:19
What people said, "We can intermarry, one among another, so we can have a real ecumenical council."
Which of the following took place while David and his people were trying to bring the ark to his house?
They carried it on the shoulders of the Levites, passed through the land of the Philistines and opened the ark on the way to Jerusalem
They killed the keeper of the ark, carried it on a new cart, and lost the ark to the Philistines
They broke off a piece of the ark trying to move it, and shed innocent blood
They failed to consult the prophet of the land and the Word of the Lord, carried the ark on a new cart, and caused a sincere person to die
Who was the sincere person that died when he put his hands on the ark?
An unsanctified Levite priest
David's chief captain, a holy and righteous man
He was a caretaker and bishop
Many sincere people that want to come to Christ with all of their hearts, join an organization or group and die spiritually.
David wanted to bring the ark to his city, but there was no place ready for it, just like there is no room today for the Message in a _______.
Believer's heart
Unbeliever's heart
Court of law
God promised in His Word that He would choose His Bride by His original way. What is His original way?
By the Urim Thummim
Called out and elected by the church
Vindicated by a sign, and received by the people
He foretold it by the prophets, and sent a prophet to identify it
What Scripture does Brother Branham read to the people in closing?
Amos 3:7
Acts 2:38
Deuteronomy 4
Malachi 4