63-0115 Accepting Gods Provided Way At The End Time

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

They say summer takes its winter's rest out here.
Phoenix was Brother Branham’s first place to ever preach to people that wasn't the white race of people. That was the __________.
A sweet old Indian woman on crutches came through a prayer line with them great big, deep wrinkles, and tears cutting down through those ditches in her cheeks. How was she healed?
She looked at Brother Branham & just handed him the crutches and walked on away
Brother Branham saw a vision of her walking normal without crutches, and that was enough for her
When she heard Brother Branham speak to her just a few words, her faith grabbed ahold
Brother Branham prayed a simple prayer and she accepted her healing
All that you ever _____, and all that ever _____ you, God has given to you."
Loved, cherished
Loved, loved
Cherished, cherished
Loved, believed
"Don't be afraid. Death is just a(an) __________, trying to keep you away from something. My, it's so glorious!"
Old Fox
What two places did Brother Branham read in the Holy Script?
Genesis 22:7 and Saint John 12:32
Saint John 12:7 and Saint John 14:23
Matthew 17:11 and Saint John 1:1
Hebrews 13:8 and Revelation 10:7
"And I, if I be _________ from the earth, will draw all men unto me."
Lowered down
Lifted up
If we'll just get away from our own way, is the only way we can get in God's way.
Who was Brother Branham’s neighbor that had a boy that was crippled with a leg drawn up under him?
Brother Borders
Billy Paul
Mr. Wood
Bert Call
How many knows what that means, "barking up the wrong tree"?
That’s an angry squirrel that should be left alone
That's a lying dog that barks when there ain't nothing up there
It’s an honest person doing wrong
That’s when a dog has treed an animal when he shouldn’t have
"Well, I was born on what they call _______ down there. My grandpa lived on _______, that empties into Bumshell. Bumshell Creek comes right down to Little Renox, and runs out down by the _______, and runs right on into the Cumberland River. Now, that's just across ________. That's where my mother was born…” Fill in the blanks with the correct order of answers."
Big Renox, Little Renox, Casey's Fork, Greenbrier Ridge
Little Renox, Big Renox, Greenbrier Ridge, Casey's Fork
Little Renox, Little Renox, Casey's Fork, Greenbrier Ridge
Little Renox, Big Renox, Casey's Fork, Greenbrier Ridge
How did the old infidel die that Brother Branham led to Christ out under the apple tree?
He died in the victory of Jesus Christ
He fell from grace and died a sinner
He died as a minister of the Gospel
He died in the church pew that Sunday morning
God doesn't count majorities. He counts sincerity in His provided way.
"And man will never be able to choose a bishop, or an organization, or anything else that'll take the place of the _______ of the Holy Ghost to the Church. There's not another thing could do it. God's provided way!"
What happened to the bunch of Canadian honkers that followed an old gander that claimed he was a leader?
They wound up over in England
They landed over in Alaska
He led them straight into death in the ocean
He just led them in circles
It's a sin to pray a prayer. You say one. Don't pray one. Say one.
What is God's provided way for His people?
Once you get happy enough to shout, then He’ll provide everything else
To cry out until you can speak in tongues, then you’ve got it and don’t have to cry anymore
To always take His Word and hold onto It until It's vindicated to you
To say, "if You want me to have it, I'll have it. But, nevertheless, if You don't, why, it's all right"
Daniel needed a fence, but God give him a (an) _____. It was better than a fence, because God always gives you better than you ask for.
Since God gave the Holy Ghost, from that day to this, it's been every true born-again child's _______.
Did you know that this sign, this miracle, has not been done in history since the death of the last _______? Until this last day!
Church age messenger