The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0126E When Divine Love Is Projected, Sovereign Grace Takes Its Place will be available until Monday, November 14, 2011

1) Usually in the meetings they had what they called an emergency _____, but in this meeting they were going to have an emergency _____.
Line, room
Room, line
Altar call, group prayer
Prayer, baptism
2) In what country were there 30,000 raw heathens that came to Christ at one time?
South Africa
South America
3) Brother Branham said that John 3:16 was _____________ of the Bible.
His favorite Scripture
The golden rule
The golden text
All of the above
4) What did the little boy find in the attic that was very valuable?
A baseball card
An old picture
A really old Bible
A postage stamp
5) If the right attitude is taken to the Scripture used in this message, it would change the __________ of this world.
Eternal destination
Wicked thinking
Sinful ways
6) Brother Branham used to think that God was angry with him, but Christ loved him.
7) Who or what was a type of the smitten rock?
The children of Israel
8) Brother Branham prayed for King _______, and he was healed of _______.
Charles, cancer
Edward, multiple sclerosis
George, polio
George, multiple sclerosis
9) Why was the little Canadian girl weeping when her teacher found her on the street?
She felt bad that the king was weak from sickness
She was lost
She was so small that the king didn't see her
She didn't get to wave her flag
10) What word means "the Life of God?"
En morphe
11) "And everything that is, is the Word of God made manifest."
12) When you become a son or a daughter of God, _______.
Your disposition changes
Your look towards life and towards others changes
People love to become in your presence
All of the above
13) Who did Brother Branham say the following about, "If there's any praises to be given to the Branham family, give it to.....?"
His son Billy Paul
His mother
His lovely little wife
14) What did Brother Branham do when he saw his house was torn up and in confusion?
Projected love and created a different atmosphere
He got his wife and children and left as soon as possible
He had prayer with his family and the house was quiet
He sent the kids to bed and helped Sister Meda with the house work
15) Which country was Brother Branham in when he prayed for a baby that had died at three o'clock in the afternoon? It wasn't until that night when he prayed for the baby.
16) After waiting for a vision, Brother Branham saw the old Mexican man being healed of his blind eyes.
17) What happened to the maniac that challenged Brother Branham on the platform?
He was arrested while talking to Brother Branham
He fell and pinned Brother Branham's feet to the floor
Brother Branham despised the man and had the deacons carry him out
Brother Branham prayed for him and he was healed
18) _____ will accompany doubt.
19) How many years was Brother Branham game warden in Indiana?
10 years
5 years
7 years
3 years
20) Which Scripture is Brother Branham quoting here? "He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life, and shall not come into the judgment, but pass from death to Life."
John 3:16
Matthew 19:30
Saint John 5:24
Luke 18:30