61-0618 Revelation, Chapter 5 Part II

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, June 30, 2018

What was Brother Branham talking about when he said, “...many people are living today because of this effort, and to that we are very thankful.”
Dr. Sam Adair´s Hospital
Louisville Fire Department
The little humble tabernacle
Mayo Clinic
What was Brother Branham's favorite poetry, outside of Christian?
The cowboys prayer
The old model-T ford
I am lonesome
Old Ironsides
What is Satan’s business?
To control God´s children
To give the trumpet an uncertain sound
Everything you do
To build an earthly kingdom
Brother Branham said, “Remember, I charge you before God: ________! Don't you never vary from It.”
Stay with that Word
Love one another
Live a holy life
Rebuke your enemy
Any man that has not a doctrine has not a ministry.
Brother Branham said, “And that’s my purpose of doing this with the church here, is to give the believers _______ and _______ in what they are standing for, because it is the Word of the Lord.”
Hope / Assurance
Faith / Confidence
Peace / Accord
Certainty / Loyalty
In the beginning, we were heirs of nothing and had no Eternal Life.
Nature in itself is groaning, waiting for the what?
Creation of a new earth
The end of sin
For the sons of God to be manifested
When Satan will be bound a thousand years
God foreshowed the plan of redemption and worked it out perfectly in who?
Isaac and Rebekah
Ruth and Boaz
Adam and Eve
Salmon and Rahab
Every Word of God just goes perfectly together like the _______ on a mighty wheel turning, just timed to the millionths of a second, just exactly right.
Why did John weep?
Because he could find nobody that was worthy
Because he wasn't worthy
He thought all the people would be lost
For joy, because he had seen the whole plan of redemption
When the mighty Angel cried out, “Who is worthy?” What was he advertising?
The end of the church ages
The beginning of the Millennium
The coming of the Kinsman Redeemer
The coming of Moses and Elijah
You can have the Holy Ghost and still love and participate in the things of the world.
What kind of school did Brother Branham go to that he loved?
Back out yonder in a little cave somewhere
The school of theology where men learn to preach
In the woods, watching nature
On the backside of the desert
God was the One Who redeemed, but instead of keeping it Hisself, He gives it back to the people.
The Name Jesus in the Gospels has four titles of “Son.” Choose the answer that is NOT one of these titles?
The Son of David
The Son of Joseph
The Son of man
The Son of God
Jeremiah prophesied that he was going to be carried away and held captive in Persia for seventy years.
“And in this last day now He’s opening the seals and showing it to His Church. Kept in a _______ so It wouldn’t rot or rust! Hallelujah!”
Special shelter
Heavenly scroll
Secret place
Earthly Vessel
“There’s seven seals, and There’s _______ in God’s plan of redemption.”
Three fives
Eight threes
Five sevens
Four twelves
What are the seven Spirits of God, and what do the seven horns mean?
Seven Angels / Seven Seals
Seven messengers / Seven ages
Seven mysteries / Seven alters
Seven prophets / Seven temples