The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-0911M As I Was With Moses, So I Will Be With Thee will be available until Monday, October 7, 2013

1) Brother Branham tells the congregation a recent vision of a man hideously dark coming to get him with great clutching hands. What was the man’s body made of?
Wrinkled Iron
Solid brass
Flaming fire
Crackling brick
2) Brother Branham also tells of a Divine One appearing to him about three o’clock on a Tuesday morning. Who did He speak to Brother Branham concerning?
3) Which of the following Scriptures had always been a very outstanding Scripture to Brother Branham, one he had never preached on before until this sermon?
Exodus the 13th Chapter
Joshua the 1st chapter
Genesis the 3rd Chapter
Revelation the 17th Chapter
4) God don't hold you responsible for your mistakes. He holds you responsible for your willful sin.
5) Joshua could be reckless and fearless as long as _______.
He remained the greatest soldier in the land
He listened to the elders
He was pointed the right way
He didn’t cross over Jordan
6) "Many people refer the promised land to the __________. It is not. The promised land had wars and killings. The __________ won't have any wars or killings. It referred to the Holy Spirit, the battlegrounds."
Garden of Eden
7) What was Joshua commissioned to stay with?
The Word
The tribe
By himself
The army
8) Joshua had the same signs that Moses had.
9) How was it that Rahab believed?
She saw Israel’s mighty army
The spies convinced her
She heard of the works
All of the above
10) How did Joshua divide the land?
By spiritual discernment
According to the Word revealed by the Spirit
According to tribe
All of the above
11) What did Brother Branham question when God gave him his commission?
If God would be with him
That he was insufficient to do these things
If he would be given signs to show the people
All of the above
12) What was Brother Branham's commission?
"See visions and interpret dreams"
"Perform signs and miracles"
"Pray for the sick. Get the people to believe you."
"Preach against smoking and drinking. Call out all sin"
13) The people have rallied for the _______ instead of the _______.
Commission / Signpost
Physical / Spiritual
Spiritual / Physical
Signpost / Commission
14) Brother Branham said, "Now when the people comes into the line, to be prayed for, as soon as one absolutely hits the spot... There's nothing I can do about it till they hit that spot. And when they do, then I say, "I give you... "" Which of the following is NOT one of the examples he gives of this happening?
He gave Brother Wood the healing of his son’s leg
A little girl dying with leukemia receiving her healing
Ed Daulton receiving the salvation of his children
Sister Hattie Wright receiving the salvation of her two boys
15) Brother Branham tells when Abraham Lincoln saw slavery, clinched his hands, and hit his fists together and said, "That's wrong. Someday I'll hit that, if it takes my life." What would Brother Branham hit someday?
Drinking and wrong living
The government
16) You can only be saved and healed by _______.
Your pastor
The prayers of the saints
Your personal faith
The faith of others
17) Brother Branham is not a healer, but he has a gift of healing.
18) It is totally _______ for you not to be healed, if you believe it.
19) During the prayer line, Brother Branham talks to Brother George Wright. How many blood clots left Brother George after Brother Branham got THUS SAITH THE LORD about his case?
20) Brother Branham met a young lady in the prayer line named Betty Daugherty. Where had he prayed for her before?
St. Louis