The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0802 Without Money Or Without Price will be available until Thursday, November 30, 2017

1) As long as we live right, we are immune from troubles. It means that all troubles are directed another way.
2) What did Brother Branham encourage all those who had not been baptized in Christian baptism to do?
Seek guidance
Take inventory
Think it over
Pray sincerely
3) Brother Branham invites those in the congregation that have no church to go to, “Come with an open heart, _______, and help us as we press forward for the Kingdom-of-God’s sake.”
Put your shoulders to the wheel
Take your stand for the Gospel
Lay down your creeds
Have love for one another
4) Why did Brother Branham say he didn’t want to be here when the Lord is not here? He wanted to be gone then.
There will be no Blood on the mercy seat
It’ll be dark and smoky and black
The sanctuary will have no Lawyer there to plead our case
All of the above
5) “Why do you spend _______ for that which is not bread? and your _______ for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.”
Time / Energy
Resources / Time
Money / Labour
Life / Soul
6) Which of the following did Brother Branham NOT mention that are enticements for the young people for entertainment?
Modern dances
Smoking cigarettes
Rock-and-roll parties
7) “I don’t care how good a home a child has been brought up in, and how it’s been taught to do right; if that child hasn’t accepted the experience of the new Birth, _______ catches his attention just as quick as he hears it.”
A Hollywood film
A defiant spirit
A lie
Rock-and-roll music
8) What is the entertainment of a born-again Christian?
The Holy Spirit
9) Who said, “If there is a God, He’ll sweep His palace clean again?”
10) What people are so prone to paying their way for everything? Their slogan is, “We pay for things. We got money.”
11) The devil threw you in the worst ditch you ever got in, the ditch of sin and unbelief.
12) “When God finds you in the ditch of sin, and hear you calling on Him, He sends down _______, the love of God, and hooks It onto your heart, and puts the Power of the Holy Spirit there, to start pulling. And it don’t cost you nothing.”
An army of holy angels on chariots of fire
A golden thread of grace from the throne of God
A chain that was wrapped around Calvary
An anchor in the Rock of Jesus
13) What did Brother Branham say we are dominated by instead of being dominated by the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, that leads us and guides us to all Truths?
A spirit of a nation
The spirit of the world
Answers 1 & 2
None of the above
14) What did Brother Branham call Peter and John who walked by the crippled man at the gate called beautiful?
Jewish Rabbi’s
Pentecostal preachers
Prophets of the Lord
15) How old was the crippled man at the gate called Beautiful?
16) Where did Brother Branham find what he wanted, that money could not buy, when that old darkie looked in his face, and said, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?”
In the Branham Tabernacle
On the backside of the desert
On top of a Sunset Mountain
In a little old converted saloon
17) What does Brother Branham refer to as, “the driest thing in the wilderness, the farthest thing from water?” It is where the thirst was quenched for the children of Israel, without money or without price.
The sand
The cactus
The rock
The sagebrush
18) “God don’t want your filthy money. All the thing He wants is your _______ and your _______ to speak to Him.”
Loyalty / Commitment
Devotion / Life
Faithfulness / Surrender
Steadfastness / Time
19) What is Brother Branham talking about here? “They take all the—the vitamin out of it, all the bran, and give it to the hog. Mix up a bunch of paste that holds the bran together, and sifts it out, and makes _______, made up with dirty, filthy hands, many times.”
A loaf of bread
A box of cereal
20) “May I say this friends, to close. The only thing that satisfies, the only real things there is, the only good things there is, cannot be bought with money. They are free gifts of God, by Jesus Christ; salvation of the soul; joy. Come and _______, and be _______.”
Drink / Filled
Thirst / Quenched
Ask / Given
Eat / Satisfied