65-0718E Spiritual Food In Due Season

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, August 2, 2015

Who did God command to feed Elijah while he was at the brook?
The widow woman
Angels from Heaven
Who was a real modernist, with four hundred Hebrew prophets?
What did God provide for Elijah during the time of drought?
A secret place
A cave
A river
A resting place
During the time that God was going to punish the unbeliever, He made a _____ for the believer. The same thing He does each time.
Way to repent
Way of revenge
Select path
Way of escape
The Word of God and the messenger of the age was the selfsame thing, all the time.
What is the meaning of Jesus having hair white as wool?
It means He will return on a cloud
It portrays that He will return on a white horse
It vindicates that He is the Supreme Authority
It shows that He is the Lamb of God, spotless from sin
Elijah going to his secret place during the drought is a type of _____.
Jesus ascending into Heaven until His second coming
Israel being called out of Egypt
The tribulation
Our secret place in Christ
Why is it that the Message doesn’t go out amongst the denominations?
It’s not their Food
It’s too rich for them
It would make them sick at their stomach
All of the above
When the disciples asked Jesus, “Master, why don’t You eat?” and He said “I have Food that you know not of.” What was His Food?
He had some fish that no one knew about
To do the will of God
His Food was to show His power
To serve His people
“He is so _____ you can’t get over Him, so _____ you can’t get under Him, so _____ you can’t get around Him, and yet you got room in your _____ for Him.”
High / deep / wide / heart
Deep / wide / high / heart
High / wide / deep / soul
Deep / wide / high / soul