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The quiz for 60-0310 Elijah And The Meal-Offering will be available until Saturday, September 30, 2017

1) “She was down at the river that day at Jeffersonville when the Angel of the Lord made His first appearance, it was packed on the Associated Press across the nation. It’s been…it was 1933. She was standing there, but she heard the _______ but didn’t see the _______.”
Siren / Light
Whistle / Signal
Voice / Light
Alarm / Smoke
2) It's Scripture, and Brother Branham refers to it as a Jewish tradition that isn't for the Gentiles, but the Gentiles carry it over.
Anointing with oil
Praying in silence
Taking communion
Laying on of hands
3) From what book in the Bible does Brother Branham read the following verse? “And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she, and he, and her house, did eat many days.”
Second Chronicles
First Kings
First Samuel
Second Timothy
4) How did the widow woman lose her husband?
He died of starvation
In the battle for the Lord
He died of a high fever
5) God told one of His prophets to, “Go down and tell the wicked old king, ‘Thus Saith The Lord.’ It’s not going to rain, or even the dew will fall, until I call for it.” Who was the prophet?
The prophet Jeremiah
The prophet Micah
The prophet Elijah
The prophet Ezekiel
6) When Elijah was in the wilderness, God commanded ravens to bring him fish and bread to feed him. Brother Branham tells us where the fish and bread came from. Choose the correct answer below.
The great granaries of Egypt
The earth and the sea below
The fields and streams of the earth
The creative hand of God Almighty
7) Faith’s got hair on the chest. When he speaks, everything else shuts up. When faith says, “Shut up!” then everything stops, ’cause he’s the boss.
8) God is silent sometimes, even though we are prayed up and have confessed our sins and know that we met every requirement. Brother Branham says He does this for what reason?
To test us and see if we mean it from our heart
To give us an opportunity to seek forgiveness
To make sure we understand what we are asking
To be able to display our faith in action
9) This nations waste of money with riotous living, and half the world starving to death, placed what on Brother Branham’s heart?
The new commission
The harvest campaign
The mission fields
The healing ministry
10) What wave-offering did Brother Branham say took place in the Old Testament to represent “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever?”
All ingredients must be fit for use according to Jewish laws
The same amount of oil must be used to make each meal cake
Every offering of bread must be the exact same portion
Every little piece of meal must be cut just the same
11) “Elijah got a handful of meal, _______, and said, “Eat!” What did the meal do? The meal, in the pot, changed it from death to life; from a death-giving resource to a life-giving resource.”
Cast it into the pot
Formed it into bread
Threw it on the ground
Mixed it with the oil
12) What is Brother Branham referring to when he said, “But you take, put Them both correctly in their place, there’s a cake on the road! There’s something in the making.”
The meal and the offering
The Word and the Spirit
The vision and the faith
The sacrifice and the cross
13) “A mother may forget her suckling babe, but never can I forget you. Your names are engraved on the _______.”
Table of my heart
Lamb's Book of Life
Palms of My hands
Old ship of Zion
14) Why did Brother Branham say the widow woman could only pick up two sticks?
It takes two to make the Cross
More than two would create too much heat
It takes two to make a fire
Two is the union between Christ and the church
15) Who is Brother Branham talking about here: “They’re the greatest givers in the world, ’cause they know that this earthly goods amounts to nothing. They lay their treasures up in Heaven, ’cause they’re going up there some of these days.”
Tabernacle people
Christian people
Pentecostal people
Baptist people
16) The Bible says we have entertained strangers not knowing what we were doing. What are those strangers?
Servants of God
17) Brother Branham speaks of a picture in Germany that looks like angry clouds from a distance, but as you get real close to it, it isn’t clouds, it’s _______, rejoicing. It’s a blessing in disguisement.
Angels gathered around the cross
The calm after the storm
Angels’ wings beating together
All of heaven praising God
18) "In the days of Sodom, they had three classes of people: the sinner, the lukewarm church member, and the Elected (called out); _______, and _______, and _______ (called out of the world)."
Sodomites / Lotites / Abraham’s
Pharisees / Sadducees / Herodians
Jews / Gentiles / Samaritans
Catholics / Protestants / Jews
19) Brother Branham said that _______ has caused a revival among the nominal people, and _______ has caused a revival amongst the Pentecostals.
A.A. Allen / Paul Rader
Billy Graham / Oral Roberts
Tommy Hicks / T.L. Osborne
Gordon Lindsey / Lester Sumrall
20) Answer the following question from Brother Branham: ”Well, right then He would have slayed; He would have slew Sarah right then for doubting, ’cause that’s the worst sin there is, is unbelief, and the only sin. And she doubted and laughed within herself when the Angel discerned her through the tent. Is that right? But why couldn’t He take Sarah?”
Because she was predestinated
Because she was filled with the Holy Ghost
Because the Angel had great compassion
Because she was a part of Abraham