The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 58-0105 Have Faith In God will be available until Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1) "You _______, who take the tapes, my boys, my good friends, brothers, Brother Leo Mercier and Gene Goad is here."
Tape buyers
Tape sellers
Tape lovers
Tape makers
2) Where in the Bible did Brother Branham read from?
St. Mark 11:20
St. Luke 20:11
St. John 12:11
St. Matthew 14:25
3) What kind of tree did Jesus curse in the Scripture reading?
An apple tree
An orange tree
A fig tree
An olive tree
4) What did Jesus say could be cast into the sea if you spoke to it and did not doubt in your heart?
A fig tree
A house
A mountain
A millstone
5) Which of the following did Brother Branham say faith is?
An emotion
A sensation
An experience
A mental conception of the Word
6) Faith is something that's just as calm and settled as it can be.
7) In the story that Brother Branham tells about the twenty-five cents for the loaf of bread, what did the twenty-five cents represent?
Healing power
The faith that we have to have
The blood of Jesus Christ
8) What is the old proverb Brother Branham liked to quote once in a while?
You can't teach an old dog new tricks
Don't count your chickens before they hatch
A penny saved is a penny earned
A coward dies ten thousand deaths, when a hero never dies
9) How long were Goliath’s fingers?
12 inches
18 inches
8 inches
14 inches
10) If anyone should've accepted the challenge of Goliath, it should have been David.
11) Brother Branham said, "Christ is not known by _____, but He’s known by _____."
Theology, kneeology
Praying, studying the Bible
Geology, theology
Faith, thinking
12) "That's the best I know to tell a man. "______________." And if there's any life in you, it'll show up when you're in the presence of the resurrected Jesus."
Come and set down awhile
Believe what I'm telling you
Don't ever sit down
Go for a stroll for awhile
13) What color were Jesus' eyes?
14) Which of the following is NOT one of the people Brother Branham uses as an example of those who had an experience that God keeps His Word?
The woman at the well
The Syrophenician woman
15) Brother Branham said to the audience in this message, "'ll be guilty of sin (and sin is unbelief), if God will show Himself _____ tonight in the building, and you'll go out of here still with _____ in your heart."
By vision, malice
Alive, doubt
Dead, Faith
By prophecy, sickness
16) What overrides our unbelief?
God's grace
Man's achievement
17) Brother Branham tells a story of a man longing to see _____.
His parents
His sweetheart across the ocean
The sea
18) What prayer card number did Brother Branham start with?
Number 99
Number 7
Number 52
Number 1
19) Which book in the New Testament teaches that Jesus Christ today is a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity?
I Timothy
20) One is preaching the Word, and the other is working through a gift, same Spirit, two different ________.