58-0530 Time-Tested Faith

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Brother Branham talks about a lady that died in one meeting, setting over to his left, and saw the great Holy Spirit turn and call that woman’s name and wake her up again. Where did this happen?
Hartford, Connecticut
Burlington, New Hampshire
Vancouver, British Columbia
Anchorage, Alaska
"And we’re just scattering around, trying to do what we can, ’cause we believe that the Lord is coming soon, and we want to do everything we can while it’s _______ and we can work."
What words was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “It’s just three words, but oh, what it means”?
Who is this?
Thirsting For Life
Time Of Decision
Time Tested Faith
It’s so complicated to have faith.
What did Brother Branham say we cannot do unless we have faith?
Move from your seat
Put your hat on again
Draw another breath
All of the above
When a man accepts Christ as his personal Saviour, then all the good things that God has promised is laying right at his _______.
Finger tips
Front door
"And if He can save your soul and change your nature, change your motives, change your ideas, how much more can He change your _______ into _______ and put it back in its right place again, where it belongs."
Sickness / Health
Thinking / Works
Desires / Realities
Old creed / A new creed
"No person has a right to call themselves a Christian, _______."
Until they are baptized and go to church
Until they have gone to the altar and confessed their sins
Until first they’ve had an experience with God
Until they live a good life by following the commandments
"Brother, sister, there is a _______ that every believer should go, the backside of the desert, there on those sacred sands."
Good church
Secret place
Spiritual Oasis
Testimonial meeting
Who said, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I’ll fear no evil, for Thou art with me"?
What does the world want to see?
Something real
Good economy
Peace among the nations
Good education
"And I love to hunt, no, not to kill the game; it’s the…Just get alone with God, Get away from all the gasoline, and cigarette smoke, and all the carrying on, so you could be alone with God, way up in the _______, in top of the mountain, miles and miles from nowhere."
Blue skies
What kind of rifle did Bert throw a shell up into to shoot the old mother deer?
How was Bert lead to Christ?
By the preaching
A song touched his heart
He seen something genuine
He saw a dead man raise from the dead
"The prophet said there would come a day that wouldn’t be called day nor night. What would that be? Kind of a ________ day. Is that right? And He said, 'In the evening time, it shall be light.'"
All of the above
We are the Eastern people.
But there’s a hiding place. It’s made out of _______; under His wings we abide.
Solid rock
The best steel
Who represented the elected Church, living poor, out on the deserts and so forth?
Who is warning: “Get out in the middle of God’s grace and raise up your hands to Christ”?
The churches
The teachers
The Holy Ghost
Godly men
What was between Brother Branham and the nervous woman that had a fall and hurt her back?
The pulpit
A sick child that was dying
Sinners repenting
The Light we see in the picture