The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0419A My Life Story will be available until Sunday, November 11, 2012

1) When was Brother Branham's birthday?
April 4th, 1906
April 6th, 1911
April 6th, 1909
April 9th, 1906
2) What is Brother Branham’s mother’s maiden name?
3) What was the name of the church where Brother Branham was prayed over by an old circuit preacher?
Opossum Kingdom Baptist Church
Blue Ridge Baptist Church
Opossum Valley Church of God
Beaver Creek Methodist Church
4) How much did Mr. Coots say the log weighed that Brother Branham’s dad loaded onto a wagon by himself?
600 pounds
700 pounds
900 pounds
1,000 pounds
5) Why did Brother Branham’s father leave Kentucky and move across the river to Indiana?
A better paying job was available across the river
He got in a fight and the law was looking for him
He had to take care of his sick father
He shot a man in Kentucky
6) Brother Branham’s dad was the _______of the boys, of _____ children.
Oldest, twelve
Youngest, fourteen
Favorite, sixteen
Youngest, seventeen
7) There was a great, powerful man that Brother Branham's dad got in a fight with. Do you remember his name?
Charlie Brumbach
Will Yarbrough
Ted Wathen
Eddie Yarbrough
8) We're trying to remember how many men died while building the Municipal Bridge. Can you help us out?
9) How much would you have paid for a ham sandwich if you were with Brother Branham on his double date?
A dime
A quarter
A nickel
Fifteen cents
10) Brother Branham just couldn't give up Sister Hope, but he was to bashful to ask her to marry him. What did he do?
He decided to wait until he had enough money saved up to buy a starter home
He wrote her a letter asking her to marry him
He spent some time away from her to see if he could live without her
He decided to wait for a year until the time was right to ask her
11) It wasn't much, but Brother Branham worked hard for the _______ per hour that he made for a living?
Seventy-five cents
One dollar
Thirty cents
Twenty cents
12) How much did Brother Branham and Sister Hope pay to rent their little, old two-room house?
Four dollars
Two dollars
Ten dollars
Six dollars
13) Where did Sister Hope Branham work?
Sears and Roebucks
Fine's Shirt Factory
The Missionary Baptist Church
Public Service Company
14) Brother Branham had just rescued a mother and her children when he heard the mother screaming, "My baby! My baby!" What did he find when he rushed back to the collapsing house?
A nursing baby
A dog
An infant boy
None of the above
15) For five long days Brother Branham was marooned on a little island.
16) Brother Branham stood there to hear Brother _______, the _______ preacher, preach the funeral of Sister Hope.
Davis, Baptist
Jones, Baptist
Owens, Lutheran
Smith, Methodist
17) Sister Hope sent Brother Branham to the store to buy her a pair of full fashion rayon stockings. But he bought the chiffons instead.
18) Do you remember what Brother Branham painted on the chairs he bought after he got married?
A cross
An Irish lily
A rainbow and a dove
A shamrock
19) How much money did Sister Hope have saved up so that Brother Branham could put a down payment on his rifle?
Two dollars
A dollar fifty
A dollar seventy-five
Seventy-five cents
20) What was the name of the lake where Brother Branham went fishing and on his way back saw the "Jesus Only" signs?
Black Bear Lake
Paw Paw Lake
Indian Trail Lake
Cherokee Lake