The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 55-1003 Faith In Action will be available until Friday, October 7, 2011

1) When you don't follow the _______, you always get in trouble.
True vine
Holy Spirit
2) It's been tested in every fiery furnace the devil could throw it in around the world everywhere.
The faith and courage of the saints of God throughout all ages
Speaking in tongues and interpretation during Brother Branham's meetings
The power of the Roman Catholic church in this last age
The gift that was given Brother Branham the very hour he was born
3) What did the Angel of the Lord tell Brother Branham he was to do?
That he was born to pray for sick people, and to take this gift to the peoples of the world
That he was born to discern the hearts of people and to take this gift to the people of the world
He was to use the gift of discernment to attract all peoples of the world
That he was born to pray for peoples of the world, and have great campaigns for God
4) While in Germany, Brother Branham wanted to pray for the sick people and never touch the anointing for discernment.
5) Who helped give Brother Branham a chance to come into Germany?
The prime minister of Germany
The French ambassador
The president of Switzerland
A Major in the United States Army
6) While Brother Branham was in Luzanne, the Holy Spirit came down and discerned a man that was niether German nor French, but had been the leader of thirty-two thousand _______.
Catholic Priests
German miltants
US Troops
7) This same man had picked up a Bible one day and was reading where Jesus died for his sins, and he accepted Christ. After that he was persecuted, and he ran a little _________ up in the mountains.
Camera studio
Guided hunting service
Christian church
8) In the picture as the Angel of the Lord is leaving, what can be noticed about Brother Branham in the picture?
He is wearing a black suit
He is completely covered with the Light
Half of Brother Branham's face is covered
The interpreter is shrouded in darkness
9) The Angel of the Lord always appears to Brother Branham on his left hand side.
10) What is the only solid resting place for Faith?
In your heart
A denomination system
Your mind
God's Word
11) But Noah, he moved with _____, knowing that there was coming a destruction; and he built an ark because he had his faith rested upon God's eternal Word.
12) If you've only got _____ faith, you'll reason God's Word.
13) The Bible says your body is full of light.
14) Which of the following was NOT used as an example of a man that God used to put in action?
15) Jesus already knew what was going to happen before he went to the grave of Lazarus.
16) Things that had never taken place since the ______ days were taking place the night of this meeting.
Previous church age
17) If a eagle can have confidence in the wings that God give him, how much more ought you to have confidence in the ________ that saved your soul and baptized you with His soul.
Holy Ghost
18) The heroes of the Old Testament had faith; they put it in action. You've got them for a(an) _______.
19) There was a man bothered about his nephew who was in Detroit, Michigan. Where did Brother Branham tell the man his nephew was?
In his home
In a hospital room, unconscious
Under an oxygen tent
Stranded in a foreign land
20) What is the last thing Brother Branham does on this tape?
In Jesus Christ's Name, he cast the devil out of every person in the audience
He tells a vision that is breaking forth over the audience
He prays for a boy in a wheelchair, and the boy stands
He reads from the Bible and charges the people to stand on the Word