56-0223 Gods Covenant With Abraham And His Seed

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What are the two senses of the spirit?
Fear and bravery
Unbelief and faith
Sadness and joy
Heart and soul
In what city did this meeting take place?
Rapid City, South Dakota
Vermillion, South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
What scripture did Brother Branham use to start his text?
Hebrews 7:1
Genesis 12:1
Genesis 1:12
Hebrews 2:6
What is the one element that God is known by?
Mental Conception
What makes up a man's triune being?
See, taste, and hear
Head, body, and legs
Soul, body, and spirit
Thoughts, speech, and feelings
What two trees did Brother Branham say were in the Garden of Eden?
Oak tree, and a cherry tree
Tree of Life, and tree of knowledge
Tree of bitterness, and tree of sweetness
Tree of health, and the tree of sickness
Why are you a Christian?
Because you are a good person
Because you go to church
Because God elected you
Because you come from a Christian family
What does the Greek word "Sozoed" mean?
In the story Brother Branham tells about the slave, what made the slave act the way he did?
He was treated better than the other slaves
He was going to be set free
In his home land his father was the king of the tribe
He was the boss over the other slaves
What does the name, "El Shaddai" mean?
The breasted God
The Lord will provide a sacrifice
The First and the Last
What did Jesus use to defeat the devil?
Signs and miracles
His angels
The Word of God
The gift of discernment
When Brother Branham was a young boy, what did he say his mother made him take every Saturday after bath time?
Some eye salve
A dose of coon grease
Some corn pone
A dose of castor oil
What was the one fault someone told Brother Branham he had?
Your to hard on those women
Your grammar is to poor for you to be a preacher
You baptize in Jesus Name
You brag too much on Jesus
Unbelief accompanies what?
_____, God said, "I will."
With compassion
In this sermon Brother Branham said, "I believe that Satan is a_____, but not a_____."
Perverter, but not a creator
Creator, but not a perverter
Perverter, but not a converter
Perverter, but not a believer
Isaac represents what?
The first thing God calls for when He calls a man is what?
Total surrender to the world
Complete deliverance from all bad habits
Complete separation from God
Total separation from the world
Salvation is for_____, not_____.
Unbelievers, not believers
Believers, not unbelievers
Unbelievers, not make believers
Make believers, not unbelievers
What does the word, "Hallelujah" mean?
Let it be
Praise our God
God is worthy