58-0406E The Evidence Of The Resurrection

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, April 30, 2017

In the Scripture reading, what were they bringing to the sepulchre when they found the stone rolled away?
Flowers from the Garden of Gethsemane
Spices which they had prepared
Little children to see where Jesus was buried
Garments to lay over the stone
Why did Brother Branham say it had been a great day for him?
He got a little older
It was Easter
A desire came on his heart
All of the above
Why did Brother Branham believe God’s people are in bondage?
Because they choose to be
Because they are forced into it
Because of tradition of man
Because of communist rule
Because Brother Branham was weak and run down, what was he doing on this day that caused him to get colder than he ever did in his life?
Standing outside fellowshipping
Baptizing in the water
Praying in the woods before service
Standing in the pulpit preaching
What was Brother Branham’s itinerary starting the day after this message?
He was going to the New England states, then to Africa, and then to the lake to rest
He was going straight to Africa, then traveling across Europe, and then back home to rest
He was going to Arizona to seek the Lord, then back to Jeff, and then to Africa
He was going to the lake to rest, then to the New England states, and then to Africa
“And, you know, no one will never know, this side of Glory, what all it’s been, and how the _______ that I’ve had to go through. I don’t tell it to people. There’s no need of telling it to people. They couldn’t understand it. Neither do I understand it. It’s just something, you just go on, just go ahead.”
Those who were at the tomb early in the morning met two Men, which were Angels in shining apparel. What did the Angels say unto them?
“What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another?”
“Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem?”
“Why seek ye the living among the dead?”
“O fools, and slow of heart”
There are Angels of God standing at attention, and They know every word that we say, and everything that we do.
What example does Brother Branham use to prove that there is remembrance in hell?
Jesus going to preach to the souls that were lost after His crucifixion
The rich man that lifted up his eyes in hell and saw Abraham and Lazarus
The witch of Endor calling up spirits of those who had already died
Man foreordained of old to this condemnation, like Pharaoh in Egypt and Judas Iscariot
“When you die, here, your works follow you. And they will either _______ you through Eternity, or _______ you through Eternity.”
Discourage / Encourage
Reward / Curse
Reject / Accept
Haunt / Bless
What were the two disciples talking about when Jesus appeared to them?
They were talking about their neighbors
They were talking about Him
They were talking about the hypocrites in the church
They were talking about the faults of the preacher
What did Jesus do as soon as He appeared?
He begin speaking of His crucifixion
He asked where all the disciples had gone
He wept
He begin to preach the Word
Brother Branham said, “What would He do in Jeffersonville, tonight, where the Gospel has been preached for twenty-five years; signs and wonders, miracles, an undoubted thing? Things that’s never been done since _______ left the earth, is performed daily. The sick are healed, the signs and wonders performed. Great prophecies made, that never fail.”
John the Baptist
The last church age messenger
Who was testing the acoustics in a building, and he said, “Repent, or perish.” And a man setting in the cupola fainted and fell out?
Charles Fuller
Dwight Moody
Charles G. Finney
Paul Raider
When did Jesus prove His resurrection?
The morning He rose from the grave
The moment He ascended to Heaven
At the evening time
When He took the keys of death and hell
How long did Brother Branham say he had been a Christian?
Twenty-seven years
About twenty-nine years
Nearly thirty years
Thirty-three years
Down through the years we’ve had all these Scripture teachings, but this is the day for what?
Signs and wonders among all the world
The justification of the church
Deeper and richer teachings
The manifestations of the resurrection
What song did Brother Branham like that Sister Gertie was playing on the piano, and he asked the congregation to kind of hum it?
Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross
We’re Marching to Zion
Glory to His Name
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts
When our Lord Jesus walked on the earth, He declared Himself to the Jewish race and to the Gentile race, but He never did that to the Samaritan race.
“A spirit will always bear record of _______. The…We are the branches; He’s the Vine. A pumpkin vine will bear pumpkins; a grape vine will bear grapes; apple tree will bear apples. A Christian life will bear _______. It is no strange thing.”
Itself / Christ
The church / Religion
Pride / Prosperity
Others / Humility