54-1231 Everlasting Life And How To Receive It

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, January 7, 2013

Who did Brother Branham want to express his gratitude to before he read from the Scripture?
Brother Funk
Jesus Christ
The people
Brother Neville
Who did Brother Branham say would stand without an excuse at the judgment if they are not saved?
The tabernacle and its members, and the people of Jeffersonville and around about
The members of the denominations of the day
Brother Branham and his family
The members of the Full Gospel business Men
Which of the following is far more proof of the Angel of the Lord?
For someone else to tell you that they saw the Pillar of Fire
To see with your own eyes the Pillar of Fire
To look at a picture of the Angel of the Lord
To see it come down in a meeting
Why did Brother Branham say he might not be able to stay till the full midnight?
Billy Paul was sick and he wanted to spend the new year with him
He had to get up early for the morning service
He had to leave for California that same night
He had two little girls that get sleepy and goes whining and crying
How many souls did Brother Branham say he had won to Christ?
Over a half a million
Thirty thousand
Nearly two million
One hundred thousand
This is the only time we’ll ever have the privilege, of all eternity to win someone to Christ.
The only thing you have to do to be saved is come to the altar.
The _______ believes this Word’s inspired, but the church is over the Word.
What does the word “repent” mean?
To be sorry for what you’ve done
To turn back from where you came
To miss the mark
To do the same thing over and over
Jesus said, "He that heareth My Word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life." Where is this Scripture found?
Luke 17:30
Saint John 5:24
Matthew 27:5
The 24th chapter and 6th verse of Mark
The _____ word "Zoe" means "The Life Of God."
David said _________.
"Restore to me my salvation"
"Restore to me the joy of my salvation"
"Restore to me my joy and salvation"
"Bring to me the salvation of my joy"
When God adopted His own Son, who was there as witnesses?
All of His disciples
Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Peter, John, and Philip
Peter, James, and John
When Brother Branham read in Acts 9:32, what happened when a man named AEneas was healed of palsy?
The people chased Peter out of town
The crowds gathered around AEneas and tried to stone him
The whole country turned to the Lord
The priest arrested Peter and questioned him
Your earthly destination is determined by the hands of wicked, and cruel, cold-hearted, atheotic men.
What does Tabitha mean?
Seller of purple
Brother Branham said, "When I get to glory, I want to walk up to _____ and shake his hands, and say, "God be praised, for your testimony meant something to me in my earthly journey."
When Brother Branham said, "God, take me out of the seat of the scornful." What was he talking about that he was once a critic of?
Dancing in the Spirit
Speaking in tongues
Taking up an offering
Letting women preach
"What the Spirit says do, do _____."
With caution
There was something Brother Branham asked God for over and over for two years, "If He will just permit this to me then I can go out yonder and win souls for Him a little bit better, be a little stronger in the way." What did Brother Branham say he would do if God didn’t give it to him this year?
He would stop asking
He would quit the ministry
He would check his motive and objective
He would be knocking on God's door next year