The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 55-0731 The Uncertain Sound will be available until Thursday, August 31, 2017

1) Brother Branham talked about a famous Hollywood movie director, of German descent, that was converted in one of his meetings. What was his name?
Ernst Lubitsch
Edgar Reitz
Hal Herman
Fritz Lang
2) Brother Branham had a way of kind of _______ himself a little bit. He doubted if his own brother would know him if he'd meet him.
3) While Brother Branham was in Zurich, Switzerland at a meeting with 126,000 people, the Lord told him to get out and go down by the lake shore. He saw a vision and knew that a man was going to stop him at a little bridge to ask for prayer. Where was that man from?
4) "So it just goes to show that in the spite of all the atheistic, all of the ungodly, all the Nazism, Hitlerism, and fascism, and communism, will never beat out the _______. It’s still in the hearts of people. And It’ll wave on and on, and on and on, and on. It’ll never end."
Holding of revivals
Building of churches
Light of the Gospel
Determination of man
5) What is the principle of Christianity?
The conditions of the heart towards God
Recognizing the value of a lost soul
Understanding all spiritual blessings
Identifying yourself with God and man
6) There are many things that are uncertain in this life, but there's one thing that you’re just as sure to meet as God is in Heaven.
Trials, and the tribulations to follow
Suffering, and the redemption afterwards
Death, and the Judgement afterwards
Persecution, and the desolation to follow
7) What draws people to Christ?
Brother Branham
None of the above
8) God never made you just to work, and come home and love your children. He made you to be _______.
A proud church member
A worshiper of creation
A worshiper of Him
A vessel of worthiness
9) ”The mind is only a _______. It will direct you, and it’s very incapable of bringing you to God; your mind. You cannot know God by your mind,_______. It’s one of the resources, or the channels that would lead to it, but your soul is what _______ you. You are what you are, by your soul.”
Governess / Rational / Rules
Director / Intellectual / Governs
Counselor / Scholarly / Oversees
Principal / Logical / Directs
10) You can sin against that which is inside of you, your soul, until the conscience that once condemned you is no longer there.
11) The _______, what you’ve lived by, is going to perish. But that soul that you’ve grieved from your _______, is going to haunt you through Eternity.
12) "Any man or woman that’s born of the Spirit of God knows where they stand, regardless of what takes place, or how many says yes or no. They know where they stand. There’s no _______. Hallelujah!
Uncertain sound
13) "Every man that’s born of the Spirit of God, knows when he passed from death unto Life; knows the _______, the _______, the _______."
Glory / Honor / Splendor
Place / Hour / Minute
Life / Faith / Humility
Month / Day / Year
14) “The brass serpent was alright. There was no condemnation in the brass serpent. But when they begin to get away from God, and worship the serpent, the _______ tore it up. Amen. There you are.”
15) “The Bible didn’t say Stephen died. The Bible said, _______. God have mercy! Brother, that’s what I want at the end of the road.”
“Stephen’s crossed Jordan”
“Stephen’s fell asleep”
“Stephen’s risen on high”
“Stephen’s resting in peace”
16) What do these two quotes have in common? “These things that I do shall you do also, even greater, for I go unto My Father.” And, “Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”
Both are taken from the Old Testament
They are the foundation of the trinity doctrine
They have no uncertain sound
It is the first time Brother Branham quoted them together
17) Who is Brother Branham talking about here: "Did you notice? He didn’t have to go to the school of prophets to get any education. Glory! Whew! No education in that boy, and he walked! Mental theology was finished. He had it in his soul."
John the Baptist
18) What is Brother Branham talking about in this quote? "I’d give the last drop of my blood for the blackest or yellowest woman in this world, that would want to live true to her husband. I’d die for her, like I would my own wife. I respect, as a lady. What do you think Jesus Christ did?"
19) “Reason always tries to find a way out. Faith don’t reason. Faith just believes. Your mind, what makes you reason. _______. The lie detector proves that.”
It’s Intellectual
It’s obedient
It’s a liar
It wants to be truthful
20) “Be _______. Just _______. Don’t try to figure it out. Don’t try to study it. Just believe it. Don’t mentally figure it out. Just believe it with your soul.”
Simple / Ask
Modest / Pray
Humble / Give praise
Certain / Listen