62-0119 An Ensign

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, January 31, 2016

When Brother Branham came to Phoenix many years ago with Brother Kidson, and they had a great meeting that was a red-letter mark in his life, they didn’t have tape recorders then. They had a little _______ and they made record.
What was the very sad experience Brother Branham spoke of that he recently had is his life?
Brother Bosworth passed away
America rejected the Message
He was denied access into Africa
Losing his mother
The day he preached this message, who did Brother Branham take a trip with and went up on South Mountain, way up above the city there? They were setting together speaking about the Lord, and how good He had been to them. The Holy Spirit just so sweetly moved into the car.
Brother Outlaw
His son, Billy Paul
Brother Williams
His wife
"And I, if I be _______ from the earth, will draw all men unto me."
Lifted up
Cast down
Drawn forth
What is an ensign?
A commission you've been given
A sign that it's the end of time
It's something placed before you
The final resting place of your faith
“And man now, being that he is made, even in his fallen condition, yet he's in the image of his Maker, God.”
"But then inside of that little compartment is the third compartment, which is the spirit. And that's what controls the rest of it. There's only one avenue through that, and that's self will. You can accept or turn away, and that's the only avenue to that. If you accept the will of God through that spirit, _______ takes His place in your heart and controls the rest of you. And if you do not accept That, then _______ takes that spot and controls the rest of you. So it lays in that."
Your soul / Your senses
Your senses / Your soul
The enemy / God's Spirit
God's Spirit / The enemy
Brother Branham talks about an article he read in Life magazine where they done everything now towards putting different elements together, or accumulations, until they can almost make life. And they said they would make it. Can they make life?
No. Life is creation, and only One is a Creator, and that is God.
Yes. Man was created equal with God to create things just as God can.
"That's the reason we believe tonight in a total abstaining from sin, getting away from it. It's _______. Do not fool around it. Don't in-tolerate in it at all. Have nothing at all to do with it. Don't see how close you can come to it without sinning. See how far you can stay away from it. Anything that looks sinful, stay away from it."
If you run the genealogy of Cain's children, they all become scientists, mighty men, workers in the earth with metal and wood, and so forth. They were the smart, intellectual side. But Seth's children were _______.
All of the above
If it's man-made, it's no good. If it's Blood-boughten by God, it's the Truth.
During the time of war, when the Americans had drove back the enemy, they ran up in different places to the top of the hill, the highest hill that they could find. And there, with tears running down their cheeks, and with shouts, they planted an ensign. They had conquered the land. What was the ensign?
Their wounded soldiers
Medals of honor
The American flag
Blood-stained garments
What was the Ensign that God gave the Church one day, that we are more than conquerors, because He conquered for us?
When the Declaration of Independence was signed
When Nimrod built his tower to Heaven
When Nebuchadnezzar built a city that patterned after Heaven
When Jesus was lifted up on Calvary
We don't need authority. Christ has the authority. But we've got the power.
"And when we lift up the ensign of God's judgment, as a believer in Christ, with a _______ life to yourself and your own ideas, and raised, and His Word made alive among you, every devil has got to squeak at It. That's right. Cause, it represents Christ. See? He died. He's the one lifted up the Ensign."
"The same Holy Spirit was upon Him without _______, comes upon His Church by _______, but It's the same Holy Spirit, the same God. It's the Ensign. We are God's ensigns to the world."
"Hold still, and God will put It on you. And then you'll be an ensign, example of _______, and manhood and womanhood. The seal of the Holy Spirit, God's Ensign, pressed into you till you're look, act, walk, talk the Gospel everywhere you go. No finger can be put on you. That's right."
"You are a witness. If you've been _______, and you know what the _______ of God is, you've touched that Ensign. You've got a hold of something, something that's not a Nimrod's tower."
Healed / Authority
Blessed / Blessings
Saved / Power
Baptized / Water
Who did Brother Branham say he seen there on the streets of Phoenix standing? He was a little guy, there was nobody paying any attention to him, had his Bible under his arm, and ever who was coming by, he was pointing the Gospel to them, as hard as he could?
A little David, with his sling
A dirty-faced newspaper boy
A little, old, stoop shouldered minister
A little, colored boy
Brother Branham said, "What if the disciples had waited nine days, and said, 'We'll accept It by faith, that we got the Holy Ghost, and go on'?" How did he answer the question?
They would have rejoiced all the more
They wouldn't have had It
They might have been arrested
They would have received a greater portion