63-0728 Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, July 31, 2022

"…’cause here is where we make our tapes, you see. Out there they can fuss. But if they get tapes made from here, that’s up to them if they want to listen to any tape. It comes right from here. This is our own _______."
"_______ one another, above everything."
Talk to
Fellowship with
"Even the mystery which has been hidden from age and from generations, but now is made manifest to ______:"
The world
The wise
His saints
Which of the following is part of His threefold purpose?
To express Hisself completely, God in Christ
To have the preeminence in His Church, the Bride
To restore the Kingdom to its rightly position
All of the above
Paul was a complete prisoner in the chains of the church.
"Any Word in the Bible, that’s _______, or if any _______ put to It, it’s absolutely rejecting and committing adultery against the God that is your Husband."
Disbelieved / Law
Not believed / Phrase
Questioned / Command
Rejected / Self-interpretation
Heavenly places is _______.
"Being in Heaven"
"The believer’s position in Christ"
"The position of a Christian in church"
"The joy you feel when you hear the preaching"
You’re lost, outside of that Word being in you.
"Notice now, down through the ages, He has been gradually letting this out, slowly unfolding the mystery, through the _______ and through the _______."
Son / Seed
Prophets / Types
Interpreters / Theologians
Reformers / Churches
He was hated without a cause, because he was spiritual. He saw visions. God was with him.
When is this great mystery that God had in His heart being revealed?
Through the ages
At the beginning of time
We don´t know yet
The last days
"Do you get it? If you fail, come back to _______ again."
Your pastor
This tape
Your own interpretation
Someone that can explain it
"Oh, if the Church only knew _______! It will, one day. Then, _______ will go when it knows what it is."
The Power of resurrection / The world
Its position / The Rapture
The Message / The saints
Its day / The power
"The Holy Ghost, alone, is the Revealer of the Divine revelation of Christ, and has been in all ages. Remember, all ages! Who did the Word of the Lord come to? _______, alone. That’s right. Is that right?"
The church
In John the Baptist's time, others standing by seen the dove, and heard the Voice.
Where does the fruit on a tree ripen at quickly?
In the bottom of the tree, it's closer to the moisture of the soil
In the middle of the tree, where the warmth of the leaves surrounds it
At the start of the branch, where it has all the nutrients it needs
In top of the tree, the light’s on it
This Mount will have a Light on it, all day and night, and the redeemed will walk in that Light.
Mount Olives
Mount Sinai
Mount Zion
Mount Nebo
To whom is His mystery revealed?
His beloved Bride
Everyone who claims to be Christian
The missionaries
To a sanctified people
"See, I realize I’m talking to _______, on tape, you know, and we got a tape ministry around the world."
Just a few
She can’t recognize another headship. She recognizes one Headship.