64-0614m The Unveiling Of God

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, November 30, 2020

Which of the following places in the Bible does Brother Branham read for his text?
Second Corinthians 3
Second Corinthians 4
Philippians 2
All of the above
“Let nothing be done through _______ or vainglory; but in _______ of mind let each esteem the other better than themselves.”
Pride / Simpleness
Doubt / Strength
Strife / Lowliness
Arrogance / Uprightness
Which of the following people did Brother Branham NOT use as an example of someone that saw God in a whirlwind?
Brother Branham stood by the same rock that Moses stood on when he saw God pass by.
“God is a _______; Jesus is the _______ that He was veiled in.”
Person / Spirit
Body / Second body
Spirit / Body
Prophet / Man
The Syrophenician woman had no claims on Jesus as “Son of David” because she was a Jew.
The word 'Elohim' means, “He that always _______.”
Since God could not die as a Spirit, what mask did He have to put on to act the part of death, to do the work of redemption at the cross?
An Angel
Son of David
Son of man
Son of God
What came into view when the veil that God was wrapped in was rent on the day of the crucifixion?
The curtain of time
The whole mercy seat
The White Throne Judgment
The Seven Seals
What was behind the veil?
The Word
The Ten Commandments
The ark
God has to veil Hisself in human flesh.
What did Goliath call David when David came out to fight him?
A bird
A goat
A dog
A skunk
Brother Branham said, "All the _______ that is in God is in the Word. All the _______ that’s in God is in the Word."
Glory / Blessings
Characteristics / Grandeur
Promises / Assurances
Declarations / Greatness
“But the _______ of the Lord, see, rips the veil down, and you see God standing in plain view, manifested in His Word."
What is an epistle?
A "manifested thought"
A "spoken word"
A "written word"
An "apostle"
Which of the following did Brother Branham NOT use as an example of what you are identified with as a Christian?
Christ when He rose from the dead
Samson when he slew a thousand Philistines
Elijah when he was on Mount Carmel
The Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost came down
Which Scripture tells us, “In the last days the Son of man will be revealed”?
Luke 17
Saint John 14
Matthew 28
Malachi 4
How long did it take for Isaiah's prophecy to come to pass, "A virgin shall conceive"?
Twenty-five years
A hundred and twenty years
Five hundred years
Eight hundred years
What type of seed did they get out of a garner in Egypt that was put in there in the days of Joseph nearly four thousand years ago? They planted them, and they lived.
In the story Brother Branham tells about the old violin going for auction, what was it that revealed what was veiled in the old instrument?
The master's hand
The handbook
The architect
A scientist