63-1124M What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ?

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Who did Brother Branham vote for?
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Lincoln
Mr. McKinley
Mr. Nixon
When this Seal sounded, all Seven Trumpets went off at once.
The Seventh Seal
The Forth Seal
The Sixth Seal
The Fifth Seal
What is the very sign that you’re healed?
If you get worse
When the symptoms go away
If you begin to feel better
When you're completely well
What was the subject that Brother Branham wanted to use?
"What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ?"
"The Rejected King"
"With Jesus on your hands"
"A Court Trial"
There doesn't always got to be some reason for everything that takes place.
"When the Word has been spoken for this certain generation, there is going to be somebody rise on the scene that’ll _______ that Word, because God has spoke It."
"Always, just the _______ is the only thing that’ll see It, because It is _______ and ordained to see It."
It’s easy for a person to go to hell.
"And before any man or woman can accept _______, they have to reject _______."
Healing / Sickness
The Truth / A lie
Life / Death
Wrong / Right
Who is the beast in Revelation 13?
The government
The church is always represented by _______.
A beast
A rainbow
A woman
A pastor
By what does God seal?
By His Word
By the church
By man's word
By true understanding
How did Mother Eve corrupt the whole human race, by physical death?
By causing Adam to follow her instead of God
By rejecting the Word and accepting something almost like It
By leaving the Garden of Eden instead of staying where God placed her
All of the above
In the last day, how will the Bride be united?
By the Word of God made manifest in the flesh
By the Holy Spirit sealing them into God
By the Holy Spirit sealing unbelief out
All of the above
"If they shoot me down, or whatever they might do, they’ll never stop that _______! See? It’ll go on just the same. See? It’s already out. It’s _______."
Love / The capstone
Church / Predestinated
Message / Taped
Joy / Unstoppable
What does the Christ mean?
"One sent"
The "Chosen One"
The "King Of Peace”
The "anointed Word"
How many did Brother Branham say he was talking to in this tape that will go around the world?
Only a handful
Once you hear the Truth, you’ve got to _______ It or _______It.
Live / Walk away from
Accept / Deny
Disobey / Obey
Take / Pass
What did Satan produce to Eve?
The Word
He is on your hands. What will you do with Him?
Wash Him off your hands
Leave Him on your hands and stand the Judgment
Take Him off your hands and put Him in your heart
Pass Him on to something else