58-1004 Faith Is Our Victory

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, February 28, 2021

What Scripture did Brother Branham read for his text?
First John 5:4
Second Peter 3:1
Galatians 1:1
Romans 4:12
"For whatsoever is born of _______ overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our_______."
The Spirit / Hope
God / Faith
Water / Faith
Righteousness / Love
Brother Branham said, "There has been many great victories won in this long stretch of years that humanity has been on the earth." Which of the following is NOT one of the examples he gave of this?
Germany's victory over France
Arnold von Winkelried in Switzerland
When Berlin surrendered to Russia
The great victor, Napoleon
You can’t play the rules of the game of life wrong and expect to win.
The Bible said that we can overcome the world. How do we do it?
By keeping up with the fashions of the world
Through unity among all churches and religions
Faith is the victory that overcomes the world
Good deeds and much prayer overcomes all things
He purposed in his heart, no matter what they did to him, he wasn’t going to defile himself with the Babylonian sin.
Who was plowing corn one day and stopped his old mule, Alex, and got down in the corn row and said, “God, if You don’t give me the baptism of the Holy Spirit, when You come back to earth You’ll find my bones laying right here”?
Brother Bosworth
Martin Luther
Old Jim Wiseheart
Uncle Buddy Robinson
"And a man that ever comes to God and really, down in his heart, finds a _______, it’ll stand good in the mouth of death, or in the mouth of sickness, in the mouth of sorrow."
Joyful hope
Lasting cure
Comforting church
Settled faith
Abraham struck something. He caught God. He was a pilgrim and stranger to the world. What was his one ambition?
To have a son to become heir to his possessions
To find that City Whose Builder and Maker was God
To fight against the kings of the land and save Lot
That Eliezer could find a good wife for Isaac, his son
Conquer and victory is not the same.
What did Brother Branham say it means to conquer?
To beat down; to over-ride
To handcuff; to throw into prison
That the sin that once ruled you, you rule it now
All of the above
“When you can climb into God, by _______, until you see the thing conquered under you, there is nothing that can hurt you then. You’ve overcome. You got fifty miles of elbow room. You’re sailing free then.”
By boldness
By power
By prayer
All of above
What Scripture did Brother Branham refer to when he said, "And it is the only way that you can please God. "For without faith it is impossible to please God.""
Revelation 21
Hebrews 11
Galatians 1
Matthew 5
How do we get faith? "Faith cometh by _______, and _______ the Word of God."
When Brother Branham was in Durban, South Africa, a boy came to the platform who had been born stooped over and walked on his hands. What did the Holy Spirit say was hanging on the wall in the hut where the boy lived?
"A picture of my Lord"
"An image of your god"
"A hat you'll wear again"
"A picture of the Pillar of Fire"
How many raw heathens were healed at one time at the Durban meetings?
Fifteen thousand
Twenty-five thousand
Thirty thousand
Twelve thousand
Brother Branham was a great believer in emotion and believed that anything hasn’t got emotion is dead.
What song was the Mennonite/Amish girl playing when the Holy Spirit struck her and she raised up her hands and run away from the piano, and the piano never missed a note?
Only Believe
Amazing Grace
The Great Physician Now Is Near
Jesus Breaks Every Fetter
"_______, and it shall be given; _______, ye shall find; _______, it’ll be opened; for everyone that seeketh findeth."
Knock / Pray / Ask
Pray / Knock / Seek
Seek / Knock / Ask
Ask / Seek / Knock
"Now, friends, to my opinion, this is the old-time religion, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes into our midst and _______ us."