The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 65-0220 God's Chosen Place Of Worship will be available until Saturday, March 7, 2015

1) If it is a Bible question, then it should have a Bible answer.
2) What does “the church” mean?
A building
The denomination
Blessed ones
Called-out ones
3) Everyone has to seek out his own salvation with _____.
Fear and trembling
Thoughts and questions
Education and study
Theology and understanding
4) The word “Deuteronomy” is a _____ word, and it means _____.
Hebrew / Journey
Greek / Two laws
English / Possession
Latin / Commandments
5) Where is denominational religion typed in the Old Testament?
In Solomon’s Temple
In the City of David
In the Tower of Babel
In the throne of Egypt
6) God has got one Name of Redemption that belongs to the _____, and that is the Name of “Jesus.”
Seed of Abraham
Human race
Jews only
Gentiles alone
7) Brother Branham said, “My friends, I don’t want to hurt feelings, but I am responsible for a Message, and, that Message is, _____.”
“Join this glorious brotherhood!”
“You must accept the mark of the beast!”
“Be a part of these organizations!”
“Come out of this mess!”
8) “In _____ they do worship Me, teaching for Doctrine the commandments of man.”
9) What God does through you, will speak out _____ than anything you could claim.
10) What is the last-day eagle to do?
To bring to naught all other places of worship
To show that denomination is folly
To point them again with the same sign Jesus did
All of the above