63-1110m Souls That Are In Prison Now

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, July 31, 2020

Which of the following Scriptures does Brother Branham NOT read for his text?
Revelation 11:4-7
First Peter 3:18-20
Jude 5 & 6
Second Peter 2:4-5
"For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the _______ for the _______, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:"
Bond / Free
Holy / Unholy
Just / Unjust
Judge / Judged
Brother Branham tells us that the soul is the nature of the spirit, but what does he say is the nature of your soul if you're born again?
The fruits of the Spirit
You take on the nature of your pastor
The world
The mind that was in Christ Jesus is in every believer.
One of the first things Brother Branham remembered as a little boy was when he was crawling with a _______ on, and dipping snow off of his uncle’s feet and eating it, when he was by the fireplace.
Pair of overalls
Long dress
Linen cloth
When Brother Branham had a vision after his second operation, what did he see in the sky?
The Hand of Jesus reaching down to him
The Pillar of Fire in the clouds
An angel flying towards the west crying move westward
A golden cross with the Glory of the Lord flowing off of it
Who was the last group that Jesus preached to?
The two thieves on the cross
Those who witnessed His crucifixion
The souls that were in hell
The disciples
Who said, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, or either could it enter the heart of man, what God has for them in store that love Him”?
John the revelator
All the mysteries of the entire Bible lays in the _______.
Third Pull
Seven Seals
Seven Thunders
Seven Trumpets
All Seven Trumpets sound under the Seventh Seal.
Not even an Angel from Heaven knows when the Coming of the Lord will be.
What did John see when he looked to see the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?
A powerful Angel
A ferocious lion
A Bloody Lamb
A Beast
In Revelation 10, what did Christ have over His head when He come down and put His foot on the land and on the sea?
A crown
A rainbow
A Pillar of Fire
A white wig
Which Scripture tells us that the woman that lives in worldly pleasure is dead while she is living?
Second Timothy 5:6
First Peter 3:7
Saint John 6:49
First Timothy 5:6
"And when Truth of the Gospel has been proven, thoroughly vindicated, and then turn around and walk from It, they’re _______. That’s all. It’s awful, but I have to tell it."
“Ye serpents, and generation of vipers, how can you escape the _______?”
Wrath to come
Damnation of hell
Trouble and sorrow
Prison cell
Spirits do not die.
Three is _______, but remember that seven is always the _______.
Completion / Start
Beginning / Ending
Perfection / Finish
Grace / Perfection
What was the order of the three pulls of Jesus' ministry and of Brother Branham's ministry?
Preaching to the Eternal lost / Healing the sick / Prophesying
Healing the sick / Prophesying / Preaching to the Eternal lost
Prophesying / Preaching to the Eternal lost / Healing the sick
Healing the sick / Preaching to the Eternal lost / Prophesying
"It’s the Word that tells it. The people and the Word has got to be _______."