The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 58-1130 Watchman, What Of The Night? will be available until Saturday, October 31, 2015

1) Fill in the blanks from the Scripture reading: “The burden of Dumah. He calleth to me out of Seir, Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night? The watchman said, The _______ cometh, and also the _______: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come.”
Day / Night
Enemy / War
Sun / Stars
Morning / Night
2) “There is none of us that is immune from troubles. God has not promised to excuse us from all sickness. But it is written, that, “His strength is sufficient, and He will never put so much upon us but what He will give us _______.””
Faith to overcome it
Grace to bear it
Strength to fight it
Weakness to humble us
3) As soon as a _______ watchman gives the warning, he's classed as a heretic, or some fanatic.
4) “It just seems that God always sends forth a messenger. It's His goodness and His grace, to give _______ a warning of things that are approaching.”
All mankind
The true in heart
The faithful churchgoer
The servants of the cross
5) The watchman had to be on duty at all times. He was to warn the people of _______. And he was up on a tower that was built much higher than the walls.
The jubilee year
The kings return
Oncoming storms
Approaching dangers
6) God likened His prophets to the eagles. They are the watchmen that climb higher, so that they can see further off. And their eyes were made _______ so that they can see the approaching dangers.
7) “And, today, God still has eagles, or messengers, or men on the tower, who climbs up in the Spirit, far beyond all the mechanisms, and all the atomic bombs, and the scientific researches. He has men who is special designed for that purpose, who climbs up the ramparts of Calvary, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and stands on the top of the cross, and can send the Message back, “_______.””
8) When Jesus was right in the shadows of the cross, He spoke more of His _______ than He did of His _______.
Descension / Ascension
Birth / Death
Healing ministry / Saving ministry
Second Coming / Going away
9) In His heart, Jesus knew that these great trying times would come to prove all nations, and to prove all peoples. What was the great question He had?
Would He rise again?
Would there be any faith left on earth at His Coming?
Would He be crucified according to the Scriptures?
Would He ascend on High, and the Holy Spirit come?
10) Who wrote the book, “Prophet Visits Africa”?
Captain Julius Stadsklev
Reverend Tommy Osborn
Brother Gordon Lindsay
Dr. F. F. Bosworth
11) “Who has the answer? The Watchman, that's on the wall, has the answer. "Watchman, what of the night?" And the _______ is that Watchman who is making ready the people, and giving warnings from God.”
Church body
Holy Spirit
12) Just before the breaking of day, there is always one great light that's always placed in the heavens, and that is the _______.
Star of David
Angel of light
Morning star
13) What makes the morning star so bright?
It is closer to the earth than other stars
It is a special made star
It is reflecting the light of the sun
It reflects the light of the moon
14) “All counterfeit things are made off of real ones. There cannot be a _______ dollar until there's a real one. There cannot be a _______ unless there's a real Christian. There cannot be a _______ message unless there's a true One. There cannot be a _______ unless there's a day.”
Fake / Atheist / Bad / Time
Bogus / Hypocrite / False / Night
Green / Church / Good / Sun
Counterfeit / Fake / Bogus / Night
15) “God is ready in His _______ to lift His Church into Eternity, into the blissful realms of the Eternal, with God Himself.”
16) The morning is coming for those who are _______ for the morning, and night is coming for those who are _______ for the morning.
Not looking / Looking
Not prepared / Prepared
Looking / Looking
Ready / Not prepared
17) When Brother Branham was visiting the old Pisgah church for a one night's service, what did he hear during the service that he was reminded of at the end of this message?
Maybe a hundred thousand voices
One of the sweetest voices, real high soprano, like women's voices
Two choirs
All of the above
18) What came over Brother Branham to say after someone spoke in tongues at the Pisgah service?
“The choir will sing heavenly anthems”
“We have heard Angels from on High”
"The pastor shall pray the prayer of faith"
“The church will pray the Lord’s prayer”
19) Brother Branham said, “I feel that _______ is the first thing. _______ is second.”
Divine Gifts / Salvation
Salvation / Healing
Healing / Salvation
Singing / Praying
20) A soul that’s saved might last to the end of your life, many years. It might give you happiness and joy while you're here on earth, but it will cease at your death. But a healing will last for Eternity. It cannot perish, or nothing can ever take it from you.