64-0122 Looking Unto Jesus

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where does Brother Branham read from in the Bible for a Scripture reading?
Matthew 14:10
Psalm 121:1
John 1:36
Isaiah 45:22
To mention the word "look," means to do what?
To pay attention
To look up
To look at
All of the above
God has been revealed in the form of what?
All of the above
"God is able of these _____ to rise children unto _____."
Rocks, Isaac
Stones, Abraham
Mountains, Moses
People, Abraham
Our father Abraham realized that against _____ he believed in _____; and staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief...
Hope, hope
Hope, faith
Faith, hope
Faith, faith
What did some of the ministers do when Brother Branham began to speak at a breakfast meeting?
They spoke in tongues
Many were filled with the Holy Ghost and prophesied
They walked out
They rushed to the altar
What army was Elijah surrounded by?
The Philistines
The Syrian army
The Israelite army
The army of Egypt
Any belief and any faith that's established outside of the Word of God, let it alone.
What did Daniel see?
One like the Son of God
A Stone, hewed out of the mountain, without hands
Seraphims with coals of fire from the altar
The Pillar of Fire
"Dynamics ain't what runs the automobile. It's the mechanics that runs it."
What did Ezekiel see?
The Pillar of Fire
A dove descending from heaven
A Wheel in the middle of the wheel
A Stone, hewed out of the mountain, without hands
Sometimes you should question the Word of God.
What do you find when you find Christ?
Worldly riches
What did the dying thief on the cross find when he looked to Jesus?
What kind of preacher was Amos?
A tall, long-haired preacher
A little, baldheaded preacher
A tall, baldheaded preacher
A short, long-winded preacher
Who said, "If God don't sink America and burn her up, He'll have to raise up Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize for burning them?"
Tommy Hicks
Billy Graham
Jack Moore
Oral Roberts
What was the name of the Englishman that resented in his heart what Brother Branham said and dropped dead in the meeting?
Mr. Way
A preacher by the name of Blair
Bill Dauch
Brother Sam
One of these mornings, Brother Branham will hear him bark over there in the canyon?
Where is this Scripture found? "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in himself."
Saint John 19:5
1 John 5:19
Saint John 5:19
3 John 1:4
God always makes Hisself known so real at the end of a __________ when it's coming to its end.
Church service
World system
Long prayer