63-1229M There Is A Man Here That Can Turn On The Light

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, December 31, 2021

Who said, "Oh, that Thou would hide me in the grave, and keep me in the secret place, until Thy wrath be past"?
"See, on the Sixth Seal, all Seven Trumpets sounds right there on that Sixth Seal, see, just before the Seventh Seal opens the _______."
Coming of Christ
New beginning
Gates of Heaven
What is a fugitive?
"Someone running away"
"Someone hidden"
"Something that’s refused"
All of the above
Who founded Bethlehem?
Rahab's son
Ruth’s son
Bethlehem was among the greatest of the cities of Judaea.
What does Bethlehem mean?
Peace in the valley
The judgment seat of God
A refuge from the storm
The house of God’s bread
What should the least of Jesus’ thoughts be for we Gentiles who love Him?
A desire
A secret
A prophecy
A command
It’s a secondarily way of God working.
A vision
A dream
A prophet
Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every ________ that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
There is something wrong with your experience, when you say that you love God and refuse His Word.
"There is nothing can give you Life but the _______ of God."
Spiritual interpretation
Divine calling
Spoken Word
Spiritual gifts
What had turned their faces from the true Word, to a glare, therefore they couldn’t see the real thing?
Their evil living
Their traditions
There was no prophet in the land
They didn't know the Scriptures
Who's profile was put on the clean and pure paper, reflecting themselves in what they called "dirty rags"?
Mrs. Kennedy
The Queen of England
The president of the United States
The major of South Africa
What is a Christian?
Christ in you
A good church member
A person with morals and character
A life without mistakes
What is the greatest robbery the church of God has ever had?
A false light
A glare
Their denomination
All of the above
"In the last days, the two spirits will be so close till it would deceive the very Elected if it was possible."
Matthew 14
Luke 12
Matthew 24
II Timothy 3
In the midst of darkness, who is going to bring the little Bride out?
The Pope of Rome
The Chief Designer
The Council of churches
Your humble little pastor
"They that do wise," Daniel said, "in these last days, will do _______ for their God."
Many miracles
Great works
"Remember, in every age, in time of darkness, God has always had His Word to divide the _______ from the _______."
Light / Dark
Holy / Unholy
Church / Tradition
Moral / Immoral
"Just keep singing this hymn to yourselves, in your home, among your people..."
Till we meet at Jesus Feet
Shine on me
We’ll walk in the Light
Take the Name of Jesus with you