September Quiz Messages

Brother Branham is back in Jeffersonville at the Branham Tabernacle to preach The Handwriting on the Wall and Spiritual Adoption. It was apparent back in 1956, over 60 years ago, that the Message he was preaching was coming to pass. How much more today is that handwriting cyrstal clear, as the world continues to get more evil all the time?

I believe that we’re at the end of the road. These signs always come at the junction time. Remember, just before the antediluvian destruction, God raised up a prophet. God sent Angels to the earth, great signs and wonders took place. 56-0902 The Handwriting on the Wall

We're so thankful that God sent us that prophet so that we could recognize the day we're living in, and be prepared for the coming of the Lord. He is constantly reminding us who we are; God’s chosen and elected children. What joy it brings to know that God chose us before the foundation of the world to live in this end time, and to have the Great Tutor, His Holy Spirit, to lead and guide us into spiritual adoption! With great anticipation, we are waiting for Jesus to return and to catch away His bride, to be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.

And how the Father today has put the right kind of a Tutor over His sons, you and I. A selected, none other than the very heart and soul of the Lord Jesus, to raise up in the admiration of God. 56-0923 Spiritual Adoption

These sermons couldn't be more timely for the Bride of Christ, and you'll soon find out that they are more current than today's newspapers. You will get a glimpse and better understanding of what has happened in the past, what is currently taking place, and what is yet to come.

We trust these Tape quizzes will be a blessing to you this month, and will encourage you to stay in the Word and continually whack away at the devil!

The quizzes 56-0902 and 56-0923 will be available for the entire month of September for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations