April Quiz Messages

To a Christian, there isn’t a more special and monumental time of year than Easter. For truly we know that our Lord and Savior has risen from the dead and is alive forevermore, living inside each of us, His children. Oh, glorious day!

Our Heavenly Father, we are grateful in our hearts this morning for this glorious morning. And above all that, we are grateful for this what it represents, the resurrection and sealed proof of our religion, when Jesus Christ rose from the dead, some two thousand years ago, and presented Hisself back to His Church, alive forevermore. After two thousand years, we are so happy to be still enjoying that fellowship with the disciples of a resurrected Christ! 61-0402- “The True Easter Seal”

A week after preaching “The True Easter Seal” at the Branham Tabernacle, Brother Branham is in Bloomington, IL preaching "Sirs, We Would See Jesus." The title alone of this Message tells the longing and deep desire that is in each of our hearts; to see Jesus.

Well now, let’s see if this is the Word of God; we believe It. Now, if we would long to see Jesus, just about two Greeks came and wanted to see Him and their desire was met. So there’s at least two hundred, or three, in here tonight, and more are here wanting to see Jesus, so if He was willing to show Himself to those uncircumcised Greeks, because they were desirous of seeing Him, how much more ought He show Himself to His children that’s saved and borned of the Spirit of the living God? Why wouldn’t He be more willing to show Himself alive to us tonight, as He was to the forty and the different ones as He met with them in the circles? It’s a question. But it’s a promise. 61-0409 - "Sirs, We Would See Jesus"

For the month of April, we will be listening to these two timely Messages, and we believe they will bless and encourage you, the Bride of Christ. These tape quizzes will be available for the entire month for anyone to take and submit their scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

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