Mysterious Cloud Anniversary In Trinidad

The youth in Point Fortin Trinidad are at it again. Not only did they join the Mysterious Cloud Creations class, but they also had an exciting yard day a few weeks before creating their own, unique cloud ring.

Below are two separate reports and slideshows from the events.

Mysterious Cloud YF Yard Day:

It was on Sat 28th Feb, we had planned to do some work in our YF Garden, to revive and restructure its layout, with the help of our young people and adults alike. We originally had planned to do grass cutting during the morning period and then come back in the evening with the children to rake up the grass, which we knew the little ones would enjoy. Even though we knew it was the date on which the ‘Mysterious Cloud’ appeared in the sky, 52 years ago, up to this point we did not think of anything special to do, or how it could be linked to our garden activities.

After QT, and looking at the wonderful Creations class on the ‘Mysterious Cloud’ on the website, the inspiration came to do something with the children in honor of this notable day. The thought came, to rake up the already cut grass to form the shape of the Cloud, then set it aflame, as the night fell, just so the children would remember the occasion. We also bought some cotton candy, which we formed out into the shape of the Cloud, as snacks for everyone. We enjoyed it beyond measure, even though it was very last minute, it was well worth it.

The morning session went very well, as a couple brothers made the sacrifice to complete the entire grass cutting. This was done without the little ones around, as we had already announced that everyone else would come in at around 4 pm to rake and clean up.

As they arrived in the garden that evening, we sang some songs, asked the Lord’s blessing, and then got to work. The combination of youthful energy, and adult guidance was great, as we accomplished our target before sun down. We gave a brief explanation on the supernatural phenomenon that took place on this day, and gave instructions on how we would try to form the Cloud with the raked grass. Just as the sun was about to take his rest, the formation was completed. We gathered around and sang some worship choruses, closed our evening in prayer, thanking Him for a safe, productive evening, then gave out the much loved cotton candy treat. We then put some fuel to the grassy creation, and went to higher ground to view the action. As the formation took ablaze, the youth again erupted in singing and shrieks of excitement. As the smoke ascended into the heavens, they sang their hearts out; it was a moment to remember. It was interesting to note that we had been experiencing quite a bit of rain daily prior to that special Saturday, yet that day was just perfect weather, and by the next day the rains continued. Not only that, but it is common to wait until grass is dry to burn it, usually after a couple days or so, but that green, freshly cut grass burned that same evening just perfectly.

Maybe the Lord just wanted it to be that way. It remained smoldering throughout the night, and early the next morning, we took a picture of the distinguishing mark left by the fire, as a tribute to what the Lord did for us, and sent to us, on that special day.

The Lord richly bless you all,

Very grateful, Youth in Trinidad

GALLERY 01 - Mysterious Cloud Yard Day

Mysterious Cloud Creations Class:

God bless you all at YF,

We always look forward to the Creations classes on the website, especially the PDFs, because they are such a blessing. The time and effort taken to put these detailed spiritual lessons together is definitely worth it, and we love it.

When we saw the Mysterious Cloud Creations come up, the lesson was so edifying and the craft so interesting, that we felt that we could include our teenagers in the class, even though the finger painting (we thought!) was more for the little ones. They all had a great time, 25 students, especially the older ones - finger painting. Everyone benefitted from that outstanding lesson on the events that surrounded that supernatural experience in our prophet’s life. Even us adults learnt so much.

We just want you all to know that we really appreciate your sacrifice.

Keep pressing the Battle!

The Youth in Trinidad love you all!

GALLERY 02 - Mysterious Cloud Creations Class