Brother Billy Paul and Paul Branham Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Display contentBrother Billy Paul Branham is so well-known among Message believers around the world that he needs no introduction. Still, no mention of the staff of Voice of God Recordings would be complete without noting his continuous contribution to the efforts of the Message outreach around the world. We are truly blessed to be able to recognize him today as a member of our team.

You may not be aware, however, that Brother Billy Paul's oldest son, Paul, has also been a staff member at VGR since it was first established. Writing here for himself and his father, Brother Paul shares a brief testimony:

Brother Branham began his worldwide ministry in the early 1940's, and my dad, Brother Billy Paul, embarked upon his journey in the service of the Lord soon after. Not yet 10 years old, Dad was selling books and eventually handing out prayer cards in the meetings that were growing in size and number. He even celebrated his 16th birthday on the field, in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1951.

He continued to work with my grandfather until the Lord called Brother Branham home in 1965. Before his passing, Brother Branham established the William Branham Evangelistic Association to be the missionary branch of his work. Dad became the president of the WBEA and continues to hold that position today.

In the late 1980s, my Dad moved the office of The William Branham Evangelistic Association into the building with The Voice Of God Recordings of which he is also vice-president. He also took on the responsibility of auditing and gapping for translation the manuscripts that are taken from the recorded sermons and making sure, to the best of his ability, that they match Word for Word. It is a much harder and more time consuming task than one would think from the surface, and quite a responsibility.

For myself, in the summer of 1979, after graduating high school, I began working for Brother Roy Borders at Spoken Word Publications. I was hired as an assistant pressman, but due to my background in Art and Architectural Drafting I was moved into the Graphic Arts and Pre-Press department within a few months. I was planning to further my education in the areas of Fine Art and/or Architecture when I took the summer job, and I am so thankful to the Lord that I did.

In 1980 my uncle, Brother Joseph, came to me and said that the Lord had been leading him to do something with the recorded sermons of Brother Branham. He said that he asked the Lord to send him someone who could work with him and take care of the finances and business end of the work. He told me that the Lord told him to ask me. I accepted, and became the first employee of Voice Of God Recordings. No one could have been more unworthy of this honor than me, but I also believe that no one could have been more honored nor willing to be following my family's footsteps and work in the service of the Lord through the Ministry of my grandfather, William Marrion Branham.

For 24 years, this past May, I have been blessed to be the controller for The Voice Of God Recordings, Inc. My duties include overseeing receipts, disbursements and all financial bookkeeping, insurance policies, employee retirement plans and a host of related responsibilities. On top of that, the Lord knew of my love of art and photography and has given me an outlet for that as well. I have designed or in some cases painted and drawn a great many of the book covers, as well as pamphlets, newsletters and logos that we have printed here over the years. I am also the videographer and editor for the Video and DVD productions as well. The Lord in His wisdom redirected my path in life, and in His goodness and love gave me a way to use my talents in His service as well.

Together, my dad and I have been honored and blessed to have worked in this great End Time Message for more than 86 combined years. Praise the Lord.

William P. Branham Jr.

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