Door To The Heart

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What would you do if you came to the door of a friend's house and knocked because you had a need or wished to give them a gift, and they turned you away and wouldn't open up? As Brother Branham said when he gives such an example, "Now, I wouldn't come back much more; I'm afraid. And I'm afraid that you wouldn't come to my house if I treated you that way either."

How about a president or king of a country? It's hard to imagine someone that important even coming to your door to begin with. If we ourselves wouldn't keep knocking and coming back, do you think they would ever come back if you refused to open up and welcome them in?

"But it isn't so with Jesus. He will just keep coming back, night after night, day after day, knocking, and knocking, and knocking continually, to do the best thing for you that could be done: give you Life, heal you."

By God's grace we have recognized this knocking, and opened up the door to our hearts to let Christ in. "But is that all you did, just let Him come in?"

This message was preached on the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, California in 1959. It was toward the end of the 10-day revival that Brother Branham brought this stimulating sermon that will continue your revival fires burning. You're sure to find deeper depths in our Lord Jesus Christ if you'll open up and let these Word's of Eternal Life sink deep into your heart.

Brother Branham mentions at the beginning of this message how he missed the little Spanish choir that sang before the meeting. He said he was going to deputize each one of them to come back and sing it all over again so he could hear it. Our Audio Department located the recording of this particular singing, and we have attached the MP3 file below. We hope you enjoy it!

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Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Revelation 3:20

And then after you get into that first door in the human heart, there's other little compartments in that heart, got little doors in there also. Many people will let Jesus in for the sake of not being lost, but they won't let Him be their Lord. When Jesus comes in, He wants to take control.

59-1128 Door To The Heart

Oh, if He could only stand, and you'd open up that door, it wouldn't be two minutes till you believed every Word the Bible wrote, and say "Amen" to every bit of It; if you'd just open up the door and let Jesus come in, give you the faith that He has to give you.

59-1128 Door To The Heart

"Oh," said the artist, "I painted it thus. You see, He's knocking at the door of a heart, and the latch is on the inside. Only you can open to Him. He can knock, but you have to open." That is true. You are the only one that can open up your heart's door. Jesus may knock, but you have to open.

59-1128 Door To The Heart

But, oh, who's more important than Jesus? And who's more turned away than Jesus? Who's greater than He is? And yet He stands and knocks daily, and we turn Him away. He wants to gain entrance to our heart, so that He can bless us, and do for us that what no king, or potentate, or any other important person could do. And yet we turn Him away. Daily, thousands times thousands turn Him from their heart's door. It's the greatest honor that any man, or woman, or child could ever have is to have the Lord Jesus to knock at your heart's door. The King of kings and the Lord of lords and yet He's turned away more than the newspaper man, or the book salesman, or the brush company, or the--some other person that comes to take from you instead of give to you. And there's no one else could knock at your door with such a gift that He has for you, for He has for you Eternal Life. He has for you healing for your body. He has joy for your sorrow. He has peace for your troubled mind. He has hope for your doubts, faith for your fears, incorruption for your corruption, Life for your death; and still we turn Him away.

58-0112E The Door To The Heart

But you might say to me, "Brother Branham, I've already did that. When Jesus knocked at my heart, I let Him in." Well that's good. But when He come into your heart, did you welcome Him to your entire being?

58-0112E The Door To The Heart

And to think, what if your heart was far enough away from God till you didn't even have a desire to do what was right. Then you're in a bad shape. See, you can grieve His Spirit too many times and It'll go away, you never have no more desire no more. God keeps talking to you, you say, "Well, I really ought to. The next revival I'll straighten up; before I die I'll make it right. I--I intend to really be filled with the Holy Ghost 'fore I die. I--I want to be living a sweet consecrated life, hid away with God. And when He knocks at my heart's door I want to be just ready to open my arms and say, 'Yes, Lord Jesus.'

56-0213 Hidden Life With Christ

Are you guilty of eating good food, enjoying good sight, wearing good clothes, driving a good car, living in a great nation, going to a--a good school, and all the blessings that we are enjoying, and yet you've never looked up to see where they come from? Are you guilty? Won't you tonight, while He's knocking at your door, do just enough to reach up with your right hand, and say, "Lord, I now un--open the door. Come in, O King of glory, and save me and open up the doors of my heart. I do my door of faith, my door of pride, my door of indifference, my door of selfishness. All the doors of my heart I swing open to You, oh, Lord Jesus, Who is standing present now.

58-0112E The Door To The Heart
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