A Sister's Love Thursday, January 15, 2009

God works in mysterious ways. You never know when the Lord will move on the scene to save one of His children, and what He will use to bring it to pass. In this case, it was the love of a sister and a dream she had about her wayward brother.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I wanted to give a testimony about my older brother, Jake.

It was about two years ago when me, my dad, and Jake went to visit my Grandpa in Missouri. We stayed there for about a week, and everything was normal; my brother being himself (not a Christian) and my dad helping my Grandpa. Well the last night there, I had a dream about my brother.

The dream was like this:

My brother and sister walked into the house after getting off the school bus. My Sister and her friends went to her room. I noticed in the dream that my brother was wearing this thing on his head that was really weird, and it scared me. It was like a white net type thing. Then after my sister went to her room, me and my mom said that Jesus was coming back and that Jake needed to straighten up and get right with Jesus. Well Jake started crying, and we all did cause we knew Jake wasn't going to make it. Then the dream ended, and I woke up crying.

So on the way back from Missouri, I was just staring out of the window looking at the clouds, and I noticed a cloud that was shaped like a skull...very detailed. Almost right after that, I saw another cloud. It was almost like an angel...almost, and it had lights shining through it. It was so beautiful, unlike the skull cloud.

I had told my mom a few days after, and we talked about it, yet we didn't think much of it and forgot about it.

A few weeks later, my brother, his girlfriend, and my mom were all talking about Jerusalem and the end-time (I was coloring at the table while they were in our living room). After a while, my mom asked me if I had told my brother about the dream that I had about him. I hadn't, so she asked me to tell him. I did, but halfway through I started crying (I always cried when I told it, it scared me bad). He was silent, almost as if he too was scared. They continued talking, then my brother got up real fast, went to his room, and started tearing down his skater posters and stuff like that, crying through it all. He broke all of his CD's that were bad, which was all of them! He got rid of his video games... well he actually broke those too, thank God. He took all his stickers off his door too; they were not that great AT ALL. All this time we all were crying.

My brother came back out, and his girlfriend was asking him what he was doing. He told her he was done living the way he had been, and that he was scared that he would end up like how he was in my dream. Then he started begging her to come with him and serve God, but she said she couldn't, which made both of them really sad. He continued to beg and even got forceful! He wasn't mad at all; he was scared for her too. He was saying that "time is too close" and "you don't want to end up without Jesus." My mom had been telling him stuff, and he said he knew it because he had paid attention to what she would say to him about the Bible and the Message.

Finally my mom had to take Jill, his former girlfriend home. Me and Jake stayed home embracing one another and crying!

Now Jake listens to messages all day and sings Christian songs. He gets to church 30 minutes early, and is in the choir at church. He even has taught a little sermon at a youth meeting we had! He got baptized by Brother Roy Carpenter (our pastor) as soon as he could. He hates missing church, and he never really does. He is a whole different Jake now... he's nice to me and all, but the best part is that his soul is saved, and I believe he has the Holy Ghost. THANK YOU JESUS!

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All that I have to say out of all of this, is no matter how bad your loved one may be living, how much they may not believe in God, or how far out they are, NEVER EVER give up on them and continue to pray for them. God Bless.

Yours in Christ,

Sister Gabrielle

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