Delivered Thursday, January 01, 2009

We hope this testimony we received is a blessing to you:

I just wanted to give God the glory. He delivered me from smoking September 3, 2008. I had smoked for many years; most of my young life. It felt at times it would never happen, but God came through for me. I finally had an understanding that I needed God to give me the revelation of who I was, am, and will be for eternity, AMEN.

Please pass this on to others, for I believe they need it just like I did. God bless you all. Put your faith in Him and you will be delivered. I love you all in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your sister in Christ

God gives complete deliverance. When we... He will do it if we'll completely surrender ourselves to Him. If we will completely deliver ourselves into His hand, then God can live in us, Christ the Hope of glory. He can reflect Himself from us as we get ourselves out of the way; then our thoughts are His thoughts. Could you imagine Christ smoking a cigar? Could you imagine Christ drinking or playing cards? Then if your spirit is part of His Spirit, He wants it to be upon your confession.59-0712