The Stature Of A Perfect Man

October 14, 1962

To the world, stature can be measured by your net worth, the size of house you live in, the cars you drive, or the education and job you’ve obtained. To gain such positions in society, one must go through a series of steps. These steps reach a point of worldly deemed stature that places you in a category above that of the average man; the perfect desired man. Movie stars, models, famous athletes, rock stars, and prominent business men are the standards to the world’s “men of great stature.”

It’s not enough to possess the qualities that gain this desired stature in today's modern world. Of the many characteristics and skills that the world deems essential, few of them fall under the required steps to become the true stature of a perfect man in the sight of God.

The natural mind tries to figure out how to become a perfect man through carnal thinking, but a born again Christian strives to become the perfect stature of God through a Spirit filled heart. Both are seeking to become something perfect in the sight of others, but true perfection can only be seen and found through spiritual eyes. On this tape, Brother Branham thoroughly names and explains the requirements to obtain this perfection. These requirements that God looks for in a man can only be found in Christ. For those of us seeking this godly stature in our lives, there's a blessing to receive in this message.

And now we put the Blood of Jesus Christ in. See? And that brings the faith of Jesus Christ, the virtue of Jesus Christ, the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the temperance of Jesus Christ, the patience of Jesus Christ, the godliness of Jesus Christ, the brotherly kindness of Jesus Christ, and the love of God which is Jesus Christ. He's the Head that controls you. And your feet is the foundation, faith. Amen. Controlled by the Head, takes the people...?... There you are. There is the perfect man of God when he possesses these virtues. 62-1014