This Great Warrior, Joshua

January 19, 1955

Throughout Bible history, many great warriors were recorded in the ancient scrolls. From the beginning of time, God has risen up warriors to defend His Word and lead His people.

The great warrior Joshua rose to the standards of God when he was called upon to perform such a task. Moses was taken off the scene, and God chose Joshua to lead the children of Israel across the River Jordan and into the promised land. The odds were strongly against them, but Joshua knew they were more than able to conquer every enemy that dared cross the army of the living God.

Most of us associate the ancient town of Jericho with the walls that came tumbling down when Joshua and the army of Israel marched around the city ramparts. It is said to be approximately five miles from the Jordan River.

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Jericho and Surrounding Area

The ancient city of Jericho lies in a well fortified location surrounded by the Dead Sea and mountains, and is settled some 900 feet below sea level. The nearby Jordan River and contributing mountain runoff supplied the Jericho valley with an abundant water supply. Though well protected by its natural boundaries, the rich resources made this little oasis a prime target for invaders. Due to its central location in Palestine, it is also thought to have been a major trading center.

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Ruins of Ancient Jericho

Over the years and with its many inhabitants, the city of Jericho underwent numerous destructions and rebuilds. But only once did it destruct in the supernatural manner that it did in the days of the great warrior Joshua. To date, nothing more than ancient ruins can be seen of the original city. Outside of Jerusalem, Jericho is the most excavated site in Israel.

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Palm Trees in Jericho

In the Bible, Jericho is referred to as the “city of palm trees.” It is considered the oldest city in the world.

As you listen to this message, you’ll hear a more detailed story of the “Great Warrior Joshua” and the battles he overcame by the strength of the Lord.